Battlefield 4 Servers to Get Vehicle Respawn, Team Ticket Control Options

"A host of new options will soon be available to Battlefield 4 servers."

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famoussasjohn1705d ago

About time, no more TDM matches at ending at 100 tickets!

3-4-51705d ago

Conquest working properly yet?

SolidDuck1705d ago

How about a party up with friends before entering a match. It was in bad company 2, and battlefield 3. Party up is something I consider to be a standard feature. It's a joke it's not there.

Ashby_JC1705d ago

Yeah im surprised that its missing.

MajorGecko1705d ago

give me 1000 ticket parcel storm and il be happy for a few months

Ashby_JC1705d ago

"DICE has shown a commitment to keeping communications and support open on Reddit. Even if Battlefield 4 does not turn out to be the threat to Call of Duty it was cracked up to be, it will still be widely played if they keep this up."

Wanted to comment on the last paragraph. Im not a COD fan but BF is in a different league then COD and is a different game type in the FPS genre. Im sure they the creators would love to sell tens of millions like COD.

Im just hoping that they dont feel the need to get there game closer to COD thinking thats going to get them COD sales. If that happens they will IMO lose gamers...myself included.

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