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Style Over Substance: Dead Rising 3 Review | Daily Mail

When Perfect Dark Zero graced the Xbox 360, it served as a stunning showpiece of the console’s power. Entertaining it was not.

The same can be said for Dead Rising 3. Indeed, when you’re first treated to hundreds of the undead roaming the streets of Los Perdidos, California, it’s a wonderful glimpse inside the Xbox One’s graphical potential. (Dead Rising 3, Xbox One)
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malokevi   615d ago | Off topic | show | Replies(3)
seanpitt23  +   615d ago
That's not good :(
GrandpaSnake  +   615d ago
These reviews must be a pain to watch by some of the xbox fans, fanboys banking on reviews need to get humbled.
thereapersson  +   615d ago
It's the fanboy cycle...
svoulis  +   615d ago
Think its funny we have the opposite effect here.

Known sites giving PS4 lower review scores

Smaller sites giving PS4 higher review scores

Known sites giving XO higher review scores

Smaller sites giving XO lower review scores.

That is the pattern I am seeing...its really sad.

Too bad the entire world has their head up the Internets ass and can't make choices on their own.
thereapersson  +   615d ago
Well to highlight your point, both EGM and Eurogamer gave Forza 5 a 7 and a 6.5 (respectively). They are very well-known sites. This whole launch cycle will be an interesting one for sure.
svoulis  +   615d ago
We all know what "paid sites" i am talking about.

I don't even need to name them. We just know
falviousuk  +   615d ago
I wasnt expecting 9's from forza, its a launch title and is more an iterative version. So these review scores seem about right, will find out on Friday, thankfully i got forza free with the xbox.
Its next year when we should start to see games for both consoles shine, then beyond we should really see the fruits of the next gen.

It takes time for devs to get up to speed on new hardware.
NateCole  +   615d ago
Its a hard call on that. Do you trust the big paid sites or do you trust the small independent but potentially fanboy sites?.

Personally though i never relied on reviewers. If i want a game i get it.

With twitch and a host of other social media for this new gen there will be less need for gamers to need game reviewers as they can see more and trust other gamers they know reviews.
dedicatedtogamers  +   615d ago
I've noticed just the opposite.

Known sites praising the PS4.

Smaller sites churning out endless "15 things broken on the PS4" articles.
Nabbic  +   615d ago
The Daily Mail is one of the most popular British newspapers, it's hardly small.

But I don't trust most large review sites regardless, it's evident the majority of them get brided... Why else does CoD and the same filth get constant near perfect scores every year?
Sites like IGN and Polygon are dead to me when they rate God Hand 3/10 and significantly lower Dragons Crown scores because they're crying about feminism.
Angrymorgan  +   615d ago
Both ps4 and xbo games are getting mixed reviews..I think some gamers are expecting too much innovation so early on in both systems life cycles
Lboogieskells  +   615d ago
Smaller sites using click bait articles? What a surprise. /s
firefly69  +   615d ago
NateCole  +   615d ago
Regardless. It should still be fun playing games on a new console. I am loving playing all the PS4 games that were not given high scores.
falviousuk  +   615d ago
gameplay is king not graphics or review scores. Revies scores are just somepersons opinion on what the game is, it could be based on completely different views that you or i hold about games.

The only time i would really take heed of reviews scores is if everyone reviewed a game very poorly, a good example is lococyle, it looks to be a DOA
BX81  +   615d ago
I'm looking forward to dead rising. Not many people cared for the new medal of honors but I loved those games. So I don't put too much stock in reviews unless it has to do with bugs and glitches.
LightSamus  +   615d ago
"Still, it’s a solid entry into the series"

4/10 (equivalent)

Okay Daily Mail.
DarthZoolu  +   615d ago
I have played all the Dead Rising games including this one. None are a 2/5.
3.5 is as low as I would go. Plus I would rate 3 a 4/5. Because its hella fun.
svoulis  +   615d ago
Must be lucky to have your copy and system early

Congrats :D
aiBreeze  +   615d ago
Since when were Daily Mail game reviewers? They should stick to what they're good at, poorly written articles and fancy attention seeking headlines with absolutely zero regard for sensitive subjects.
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cyhm3112  +   615d ago
truth being said
Gud honest review datz exactly how da game lokd 2 me! Meh...
shammgod  +   615d ago
Good review.
mike32UK  +   615d ago
People are far too reliant on reviews, if you like the look of a game buy it and play it!

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