EGM Forza Motorsport 5 Review

EGM: Forza Motorsport 5’s Career mode is a shell of its former self, giving little reason for players to keep coming back. Couple this with a dismal launch lineup of cars and tracks, and this is a surprising step backward for the Forza franchise as it helps kick off Microsoft’s next-gen console.

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thereapersson1701d ago (Edited 1701d ago )

I predict a bunch of whining and trolling in this article. Moderators will have their hands full today!

NewMonday1701d ago

I have been saying time and again, people need to drop the obsession with perfect scores and actually look deeper into game previews/reviews and judge on their own.

some said "Knack LOL", well should we now say "Forza5 LOL"

jatakk1701d ago


LOL @ comparing Knack to FORZA 5:

1 of 3 reviews score FORZA 5 9/10 or higher

50% of the reviews score Knack 5/10 or below

Salooh1701d ago

Reviews are not honest any more. It's really hard to see a good website with your same taste and judgment. The most reasonable website is gametrailers for me but still see some bad reviews.

The best way to judge a game is by playing it your self or ask a friend you trust with his taste.

Biggest1701d ago

Seems as if most of the reviews, including the 9+ versions, say the same things. EGM scored the negative aspects higher than most did.

Everyone seems to say it's the best looking racer on a console and the driving is fun. The Drivatar is a welcome addition. However, the game is stripped down and missing quite a bit compared to Forza 4. Many common racing game features are still missing. Some reviewers care more about the look and feel. Some reviewers care more about the missing features.

As with the release version of GT5, missing features are fairly annoying. Hopefully Forza 5 has the same support as GT5 had. I'd hate to see them wait until Forza 6.

Enemy1701d ago (Edited 1701d ago )

Last gen tech, even less cars than before, it deserves less than 6.5.

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FITgamer1701d ago

That's harsh. I expected this to easily be the Xbox One's highest scoring game across all sites.

T21701d ago

I expected higher scores as well, but I was critical of the few number of cars and tracks and wasnt sure if they would be docked for that.
so far the answer seems to be : yes.

green1701d ago (Edited 1701d ago )

There must be one lol. How can you reduce the score by that much just because it has less cars than before?

MasterCornholio1701d ago (Edited 1701d ago )

And there will be more. Thats the way it is.


Its 83 on metacritic.

BTW Forza 4 is 91 so this new Forza is worse than the previous entry.

hello121701d ago

There is least 10 or more reviews already posted on this site from different reviewers. Forza got an 8 or a 9. I think its safe to say, the game is at least an 8 maybe an 9?

green1701d ago

@MasterCornholio: Do you think i care what the metascore is? Please go preach to someone that gives a damn about such things.

kiz26941701d ago

Completely agree, CVG review was very clear and honest at its set backs.

Captain Qwark 91701d ago (Edited 1701d ago )

um easy, half the cars, half the tracks, half the game. still havent added night and weather. it went from being ahead of other racing sims to falling behind.

i wanted this game but then i read about all the stuff it dropped. better off waiting for the sequel

edit** make no mistake though, id still buy the game in a heartbeat if i was still getting the x1 but im going ps4 this gen, drive club will have to do

MatrixxGT1701d ago (Edited 1701d ago )

Yeah this game almost sold me on the x1. But the bad taste from MS early this year nudged me to go ps4 route. Mainly because vita remote play I dont fight over when I can and cant play games. The fact that MS just said they don't think gamers care about such stuff really just solidifies that this Gen I may not own a MS console.

Captain Qwark 91701d ago (Edited 1701d ago )

i actually was one of the few who prefered the original vision MS had, that didnt leave a bad taste in my mouth until they went back on it. if they were still doing what they first announced, id be much more inclined to get an X1. when they went back on everything, the X1 just became a ps4 with worse hardware. prior to giving in to all the pressure, each console was unique and had its own vision. this gen now is more or less just the ps3/360 all over again but prettier

however despite all that, i still much prefer the X1's UI and controller and love forza and halo but besides those two, im mostly an rpg guy with a little racing and the ps4 already has double the rpgs announced and drive club looks nice so thats where i need to be even if i like almost everything else xbox better. end of the day, its a games console so that wins over all.

mrmarx1701d ago

or get gt 6 on ps3.. i am

SoapShoes1701d ago

Driveclub doesn't have to do, Gran Turismo will eventually be going to PS4.

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Squall50051701d ago

I would be suspicious of one low score but I've seen 3 now.