OXM UK- Forza Motorsport 5 Review

OXM:Forza 5 is often simulation racing at its best, but Turn 10 hasn't quite rendered all its previous work obsolete. Given the reduced track and car count, and the present wobbliness of Drivatars, the game sometimes feels like it hasn't quite burst out of its shell. As a launch game, though, it's a wonderful achievement. The urge to ask "are we there yet" has been overwhelming - Forza 5's answer is "just about."

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Seraphemz1706d ago

"The amount of cars and the breadth of the competition will keep you occupied for hours, even if the track count is disappointingly slim. With just over a dozen circuits, many of which you've seen before, you won't be racing long before you feel like you've seen every circuit that Forza 5 has to offer. The car roster has also been cut down considerably from Forza 4's 500 or so, but the variety more than makes up for the smaller garage."

Still..almost a perfect score.

cleft51706d ago

Kind of surprising that OXM didn't give it a 10/10. From what I know Forza is a marquee series for Microsoft. Still, 8/10 is a great score.

dirigiblebill1706d ago

OXM isn't run by Microsoft.

Seraphemz1706d ago

i was actually amazed that it got that score.
Its almost a perfect score for a gimped game...

Livecustoms1706d ago

Next friday (Ps4 Uk Launch !)

Azfargh1706d ago

More like "Meehness awaits"

TrentonRomulox1706d ago (Edited 1706d ago )

I'm glad that the reviewers have all nearly unanimously praised Forza 5's gameplay mechanics and controls, but I'm still having a lot of trouble moving past the slim track selection. The slim car selection I can sort of deal with, because at the end of the day, I'm only rotating two or three cars in each car class. But only 14 tracks? Come on, that is weak.

Further, no night racing? No rain? Heck, just adding some sort of day/night variance and genuine weather variance would have added a lot more life and longevity to the tiny track selection.

As a huge petrolhead, I'm confident that I will enjoy Forza 5, but I'm really more looking forward to Forza 6 at this point.

Seraphemz1706d ago

Rushed game just to get a leg up on the PS4...

This game still needs time to add other things, but true to M$, they will come out later, in DLC. That you can pay for.

VonBraunschweigg1706d ago

I wish you all the fun with Forza, but there's something I don't quite understand. Reviewers don't mention it, fans calling themselves petrolheads seem to don't care about it, yet everybody praises the controls, the handling.

But not a word. The handling models of games like GT and Forza are not the deepest, but still heavily rely on force feedback. With a controller you may be able to play the game, but it's not possible to fully enjoy the handling model, the sticks simply do not provide force feedback, you need to have a FF wheel for that. Besides that it feels more natural, a wheel and pedals provide so much more precission, they completely open up the game, the experience, the immersion, the fun. Everything these games are made for.

With Forza 5 all the wheels Forza fans have today are rendered useless, not a single one is compatible with the new Forza game. How is it possible that this gets a free pass? Does nobody race with a wheel? People that bought the official Forza wheel for 400 last year, they're all going to buy the new official wheel, just like that?

Not a single word in the reviews or the comments. As a petrolhead, what do you use to play Forza?

TrentonRomulox1706d ago (Edited 1706d ago )

You definitely raise some excellent points.

It is definitely disappointing that Forza 5 isn't supporting the old wheels, and my force feedback wheel for the 360 is rather useless now, and that's a bitter pill to swallow. However, I'm okay with playing Forza on a standard controller while I wait for a good Xbox One force feedback wheel.

This fall/winter, if I want the ultimate virtual driving experience on a console, I'll probably just get GT6 and use my force feedback wheel/pedals with that.

Nonetheless, I'm sure that I can have a ton of fun with Forza 5 using a standard controller. Forza has never really captured that great simulation for me anyways, it's just a game that I really enjoy playing. It's always been a fun, albeit not hyper-realistic, experience.

But I absolutely agree, it's a shame that Forza 5 (well, the Xbox One hardware, really) doesn't play nice with the official wheel(s) from prior Forza games. And if someone wants the ultimate immersion, then Forza 5 is unlikely to provide them with that.

VonBraunschweigg1706d ago

Allright, I heard Madcatz got the contract over Fanatec this generation, I hope one of them will provide you a good, affordable wheel soon. Or better, somebody builds an adapter, shouldn't be that hard.

I use the Logitech GT wheel myself, excellent wheel, mediocre pedals, good price. Mounted on a Fanatec wheelstand. Right now the news is it should be compatible with PS4, DriveClub is pretty much confirmed. I assume it will be compatible with the next GT game on PS4 (whenever that may be), but if itsn't, I'll probably won't buy the game, pissed off as hell and I'll be sure to mention that here:)

Imo if you want people to buy a new wheel, build them a better one. Discount the previous model, keep it compatible, and make a new, premium model. With GT, they should discount the current GT wheel to 99 bucks and present a new model with improved pedals and gearstick for 149-199. Any higher, get a G25 or 27.