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It's a gorgeous game that shows off the next-gen console, and it's one of the few exclusives being released at launch. Maybe you're jumping, like me, into this kind of game for the first time, but if you're looking for an in-depth review of driving mechanics, you may want to look elsewhere.

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2cents1701d ago

"I'm not a racing simulation fan" - So why are you reviewing this?

"only 200 cars and 14 tracks...seems a little on the anemic side" - Anemic? 200 cars! ok, if you say so.

"I just don't have the skills to know if those other cars are behaving like standard AI or like real players." - lol then you sir, are a fool. Play gta1 to 5 for a few minutes and experience synchronised driving at its finest, then have another go on Forza. Then tell me if you cant notice the difference.

In my opinion this is not a very professional review, more like a friend talking about his impressions. Many things as highlighted above, just dont make sense.

GrandpaSnake1701d ago

This game is not a simulator anyways, so he kinda goofed on that one. either way though mixed reviews are a given. Let alone a driving game.

Whitey2k1701d ago

and u think this should be rate higher? considering pre baked lighting is last gen no day/night less cars / tracks then forza 4 $50 for a DLC

Chaos_King1701d ago (Edited 1701d ago )

i think a person whos not a racing simulation fan shouldnt be reviewing the game

kneon1701d ago

I agree, yet people are praising Sessler's perfect score on his first ever racing game review.

They should both be ignored. If you're not in to racing games then your opinion has little value.

Naga1701d ago

There is a whole lot of "I have no idea what I'm doing" going on here, which rightfully calls into question the reliability of the opinion presented.

PSnation41701d ago

the reviewer was honest.. he atleast admits his faults on reviewing the game, unlike other reviewers who act like they know the genre of game they review..

why dont u write a review since your the professional gamer on racing sims..

200 cars on 14 tracks.. to me thats uneven.. sure the hardcore forza fans wont mind.. but the majority of players are casual sim racers(like the reviewer) its going to get tedious and boring..

lawgone1701d ago

I'm not a hardcore Forza fan. Didn't own the last two. But 200 cars and 14 tracks is plenty. I've also played other games that have 1,000 cars but the majority of them are pointless to race.

Thegamer411701d ago

A lot of people that reviewed Knack have said its not their type of game/genre, but that didn't stop the fanboys from calling it a failure, did it?

svoulis1701d ago

You fanboys are really Faking hilarious.

Adam Sessler ADMITTED he isn't a racing fan or a simulation fan blah blah blah. Gives the game a 10/10

That's okay though right? But same thing happening here and all the sudden BLASPHEMY.

you fanboys flip flop more then pancakes. really

InTheLab1701d ago

Check out the Rev3 review. It's basically the same thing except Sessler gives it a 5 despite being mathematically inferior to Forza 4.

lawgone1701d ago

@inthelab Mathematically inferior? So apparently quantity matters more to you than quality. 200 cars with more coming. That's seriously not enough for you?

InTheLab1701d ago


Cars are one thing but not having the best tracks to race them on is something else entirely.

Google Nurburgring Nordshleife or the more basic Tsukuba. Both and many more classic tracks missing from Forza.

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Idba1701d ago

This is something i dont understand. WHY the HELL are people that have never played racing games reviewing them ? (sessler) If i were to play cod for instance as someone who has never played fps games before, i would think its the best shooter game, but then i play other fps games and theyre much better than cod. Let a racing fan review racing games.

Naga1701d ago

Apparently the only way to make a racing game better is to add more cars and tracks. To Hell with all of the other factors, I guess.

svoulis1701d ago

Think its funny we have the opposite effect here.

Known sites giving PS4 lower review scores

Smaller sites giving PS4 higher review scores

Known sites giving XO higher review scores

Smaller sites giving XO lower review scores.

That is the pattern I am seeing...its really sad.

Too bad the entire world has their head up the Internets ass and can't make choices on their own.

Zack_attack1701d ago

A lot of people are complaining about not having a day and night cycle. Its a professional racing game. Why would you be driving so long that you need to see the sun move across the sky a few inches. For this type of game, expecting that to be in the game is as irrelevant as wondering why the cars don't have mounted machine guns.

VonBraunschweigg1701d ago

Easy. Most games let you choose a form of timelaps, so 1 hour is 5 minutes for example, that way you can enjoy a different lightning each lap. GT5 does it with a few tracks (the tracks with 24h races), racing the Nordschleife for one hour that way - starting in the dark and finishing at noon - is sooo beautifull, I guess it's something you must have experienced yourself before you can judge if people can miss it.

No Nordschleife, no day/nicht cycle, no support for current wheels, not even last years official (and expensive) Forza wheel. If Forza fans accept all that...simply unbelievable. Might as well give them those machineguns:)

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