Rumor: Second Set of DLC for Assassin’s Creed IV Leaked

Ubisoft has already announced Freedom Cry, a story based DLC for Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag that centers around Edward Kenway’s quartermaster Adewale. Today, however, a fresh set of trophies appeared on PSN for an unannounced DLC set.

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ZBlacktt1732d ago

Well that will suck.... It's bad enough to force people to play multiplayer when you buy these games for the full single player story. If it's multiplayer only, that's called lazy.

Sovereign591731d ago

I'm not the person giving you a disagree vote, but who or what is forcing you to play the multiplayer? It's there as an option to play, but you don't have to touch it if you have no desire to do so. Acquiring all achievements/trophies isn't mandatory.

ZBlacktt1731d ago (Edited 1731d ago )

Oh I don't mind bro, lol. Some like it and some don't. Lord knows everyone sees me talk about this game in the most positive way ever. But the MP just needs a change after doing the same thing for some years now. It's like no matter the mode, you are still just walking around in a square stealth killing over and over. I'd rather have an adventure. Let go kill a target in a fleet of ships. Some one locked in a fort, etc.

The force part is for those who are trophy collects. For this game 95% of the trophies are on the single player side. So it looks sad just leaving some 4, 5 trophies undone. We are paying more for the DLC. To stick us back in the same square doing the same thing is kind of sad.

DarkBlood1731d ago

interesting it seems to have its own set of trophies rather then counting it towards the 100%ing of anything without dlc like the ps3?

Section81730d ago

It actually comes with the Freedom Cry DLC.