One More Ace Card Up Nvidia’s Sleeve

Nvidia have one more card up their sleeve and is set to release, for the fourth time this year, the fastest single card: the GTX 780 Ti GHZ edition.

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tee_bag2421701d ago (Edited 1701d ago )

Have a look at the monster Physics score. That 4930x is what really pushed the overall score up. The GPU score isn't much higher if any than a normal 780ti

Pansyfaust1700d ago

The Physics score is high, but the card is the same chip found in the 780ti, so it stands to reason that a normal 780ti clocked to those levels will probably also get a similar result. The fact is that this is a GHZ edition card which runs far above a stock 780ti...and there is more I also checked back with my source, he has now overclocked it to 1240 boost on the core, just using air. Got 13744 GPU score.