Call of Duty: Ghosts (Wii U) Review – If You Don’t Have Anything Better to Play it On | COG

Hey I bet you didn’t realize Ghosts was out on the Wii U. Well it is and Biggie, COG's resident CoD pro, can tell you about it.

"When compared to the Xbox One and Xbox 360 versions, Call of Duty: Ghosts on the Wii U is nearly identical. Sure there are a few minor Wii U exclusive features but if you already own the game on any other console there is no need for you to grab a Wii U copy of Ghosts. I know, this not exactly earth shattering news but something I should point out to those who may have already given the game a spin on perhaps one of their other home consoles and are considering the Wii U version. If you do own a Wii U, haven’t played Ghosts yet or perhaps thinking about picking up Ghosts as a Christmas present for someone, this Call of Duty game is a solid purchase. Sure it’s not the best Call of Duty game in recent memory but it has a lot of good things going for it and as far as shooters on the Wii U are concerned, you could do a lot worse."

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triforce791730d ago (Edited 1730d ago )

And while publishers get devs to tone down wiiu games,wiiu will get full HD 1st party games and 3rd party exclusives all with better graphics than these multiplat ps4/xbox1/wiiu/ps3/360 games ????? strange...X,Bayonetta2,MK8,Sma sh,ProjectCARS,Mario3D,all look leagues better than any multiplat game this year and i'm talking pc versions.

Black ops 2 wiiu has better graphics than Ghosts ps4 and on wiiu/pc and the online mp is tight in comparison to ghosts on any platform.

Neonridr1730d ago

Black Ops 2 (like Ghosts) on the Wii U was only running at 880x720. Better than the PS3 and 360 versions yes, but the PS4 version is still running at 1080p. Not to mention there are better effects on the PS4 version compared to the Wii U version.

I played and beat the Wii U version of Ghosts. The Wii U version looked and played great, so no issue there.

I love your enthusiasm triforce, and the Wii U has some awesome looking games coming out in the next year. But don't automatically put down the PS4/XB1 because they are going to have some really good looking games too.

Chrischi19881730d ago

Dont take this too serious, but I love my Wii U too, but this is why so many Nintendo haters exist. Because there are some, who say things like this.

I love my Wii U for a lot of reasons, but better graphics than PS4 is definitely not one of them.