LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Review – Hulk Smashing Fun for Gamers and Comic Book Fans Alike | COG

COG's newest contributor reviews the latest entry into the LEGO game franchise and finds that it was a great game for her first review duties.

"With past LEGO crossover games such as Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, and Batman, not only have I been patiently waiting, but almost at the edge of my seat for a Marvel Universe crossover. Alas, my waiting has come to an end. Having grown up with LEGO and being a Marvel Comics fan, seeing this crossover happen is like a dream come true. The mere thought of Marvel characters having the famous LEGO humour consisting of cheesy jokes and puns was enough to make me giddy excitement. While being offered to review LEGO Marvel as my first ever review, not only was I more than ecstatic, but ready to relive my childhood and get my comic book nerd on. So, does LEGO Marvel Super Heroes prove worthy not only as an addition to the series, but also as a success to gamers and comic book fans alike?"

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