SWERY Praises Xbox One Cloud: "I Just Don’t Have Enough Time or Hands to do it All"

"The Xbox One is due to launch in less than two days, but Access Games' D4: Dark Dreams Don't Die is still a ways off. We already know about the game's use of Kinect, but what does director Hidetaka Suehiro aka SWERY feel about the potential of the Xbox One's Cloud?"

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hankmoody1704d ago

Okay guys, which is it? Did MS pay him millions of dollars to say that? Did they guarantee him unlimited use of their resources? Did they make him a custom Realdoll that looks like Bayonetta?

hankmoody1704d ago

No worries. I'll give ya a bubble for being so sweet. LOL

XboxFun1703d ago

8 N4G engineers disagreed with you.

ground_beef1703d ago

A custom real doll of bayonet a would be awesome lool. Anyways can anyone tell me if the cloud could actually enhance graphics? Logically the answer is no, but I need someone to give me a clear educated answer. Is it possible? For example is it possible to turn a 720p/30fps game into a 1080p/60fps game using the cloud?

KingDadXVI1704d ago

My type of guy, forward thinking and positive on change. Something that is generally lacking in the human population.

christocolus1704d ago

Nice job swery...looking forward to d4..and pls your future projects better make wonderful use of the cloud.

PrinterMan1704d ago

Why do people think the Cloud is something new? It's been around a long time before long before it was actually called 'The Cloud' Sheesh. Value for gaming? Sure, in some aspects but a lot of core elements of a game must be local simply for speed and accessibility. Love the Saved Games, stats etc on the Cloud though.

Nocando1704d ago

You know something else that isn't new? Comments exactly like yours.Can I get a huge "no shit" on the fact that the cloud is nothing new?

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