Gran Turismo 6: Direct Reality And Game Comparison Video

Sony and Polyphony Digital show up with a video comparing the distance Willow Springs Raceway in reality and in the racing simulator “Gran Turismo 6″.

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dieforgame1732d ago (Edited 1732d ago )

Looks very good. Unfortunately no new PS3 games for me. Waiting eagerly to GT.

GrizzliS19871732d ago

just to inform everyone, GT6 is introducing an app for your phone that when activated, it can record any rout you want to take kinda like google maps, that you can upload into GT6, and play that same course.

Basically a real life map editor, where you can upload the rout to your school or work, and master it driving a 458 italia LOL

epic feature

HighResHero1732d ago

Wow, that's pretty cool.
This game is looking good though and the PS3 clearly has plenty of life left in it.

easternbalboa1732d ago

wow thats awesome. shit . i dont have a smart phone

LiQuiZoN1731d ago

I will LOSE MY EXISTENCE to this feature. The NY Taconic state parkway will be mapped DAY 1! Look for my username to get it!

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TheOtherSide1732d ago

The real thing has better graphics :)

Needs to add better tarmac textures.

My excitement for that game just got a negative dive.

PoSTedUP1732d ago

third time this video got posted... yeah it looks awesome but i wanna see something different now lol.

Shinox1732d ago (Edited 1732d ago )

Funny thing that this game is a PS3 game and graphically it kicks the new Forza out of space !

BTW , the gameplay on the right corner .

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