Destructoid- Review: Forza Motorsport 5

DT:We've had plenty of racing games come out at console launches, but we've never had a Forza Motorsport game. Don't get me wrong -- I love powersliding around silly tracks while rocking out to Japanese techno anthems. It's just that as a racing fan, I'll end up wanting more later.

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malokevi1767d ago

nyow dat be a gud review, mon.

lifeisgamesok1767d ago

Forza is kicking butt and taking names

christocolus1767d ago

Its doing pretty good...i was shocked to see a 6.5 many mixed reviews on both sides

Kurt Russell1767d ago

Wow, that game looks good!

Mkai281767d ago

You should see the EGM rating, "Gamers" on the comment section are bashing it like crazy. You won't see them on this page. Good job turn 10, most of the reviews average 8