Microsoft Gives Updates on Quantum Break, Sunset Overdrive

"Some new information has come out on two major Xbox One exclusive titles."

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JCOLE131951701d ago

I forgot about these... Hopefully we'll see more soon!

SpiralTear1701d ago

Me too. The launch lineup has been getting the most attention these days, so it's good to know these two games are still getting their share of anticipation as well.

Sunset Overdrive looks crazy awesome.

shivvy241701d ago

Yeah can't wait to hear more on sunset overdrive, that trailer was so crazy

gaffyh1701d ago

Open world?!? I am re-interested in Sunset Overdrive, trailer didn't really do it for me, but I would like to see what Insomniac can do with an Open world game.

AngelicIceDiamond1700d ago

"We're playing a full section of the game and feeling really good about the open world gameplay that they've put together," he said. "I like the investment around new IP at the launch of a new console."

Crackdown meets L4D.

I'm in.

WeAreLegion1701d ago

Sweet. Quantum Break looks freakin' awesome! I'll buy anything by Remedy. I hope it comes to PC at some point. I have faith in Insomniac to make good games, but after what they did to FUSE...I'm hesitant. :/

True_Samurai1701d ago (Edited 1701d ago )

When is VGX?

Quantum Break is gonna be a game I buy on digital because the series will expand into seasons which will give it more longevity

Manic20141701d ago

Remedy is definitely going to knock Quantum Break outta the park. its gonna be GREAT!!

cyhm31121701d ago

"I like the investment around new IP at the launch of a new console."

which means after the launch, there won't be much new IPs for xbone just like xb360

mkis0071701d ago

...And insomniac owns the Sunset Overdrive IP.

True_Samurai1701d ago

"Spencer wants to avoid what happened with the Xbox 360, it had a strong launch line-up of first party games but shortly after there was a massive gap where no first party games came out for a while."

Yeah I Dont see that happening again

cyhm31121701d ago

they always have first party games every year, forza, halo, fable, repeat and repeat!!

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The story is too old to be commented.