Gamespot - Forza Motorsport 5 Review

GS:Mount Panorama is a treacherous circuit, but at the crest of its dizzying 174-meter climb is a view of the Australian countryside so gorgeous that for a few fleeting moments all that exists is you and the howl of a roaring engine. Moments like this are what make Forza Motorsport 5 so special. This is a game that expertly captures the bond between car and driver, improving on a world-class racing simulation with just as much human touch as technical wizardry.

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boodi1643d ago (Edited 1643d ago )

woah seems we have a row of 9 here , pretty high scores all across the boards. ... definitely a refined and well made gaming exp . In the ends it shows that xbone team and MS have been working concretely better for launch and support of their console ( player perspective )