Microsoft: Depth of 2014 Xbox One Game Portfolio is Incredible

"The Xbox One will have loads of games to play in 2014, says Phil Spencer."

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BippityBoppityB001730d ago

Pictures(announcements)or it didn't happen.

Kryptix1730d ago

lol You can tell which one started as a gaming focused console by looking at that useful pic.

jackanderson19851730d ago (Edited 1730d ago )

should also be noted that a decent number of those PC/Platform game devs have said that they will consider a Xbox one launch aswell due to the fact that they've changed a serious number of their policies and that sony specifically used the words "exclusive at launch" when referring to a sizeable chunk of them

just to keep it fair you know

supraking9511730d ago

I dont see that "Everyone gone to the Rapture" or Kingdom Under Fire 2 listed in that pic

UnHoly_One1730d ago

Lots of Indie games on that list that mean nothing to a good portion of gamers.

Spurg1730d ago

lool...don't lie to yourself Heavy....most of the ps4 game listed are indie titles...what you are really looking for are big games like second son and Killzone SF. If you go by that logic Heavy you saying that Xbox 360 had more exclusives than ps3...cuz Xbox 360 was packing a fuck load of significant indie titles.

Not saying indie titles are not big games(some are big) but if you gonna compare make it with the titles that are really gonna test your machine(PS4 and X1) titles you really looking for like Quantum break, Halo 5, Sunset overdrive and Titanfall.

xHeavYx1730d ago

@Unholy and Spurg
The list doesn't include the next Uncharted game either, or any of the other games in development by the big Sony studios

NewMonday1730d ago


you mean like..

The Order
Deep Down
MLB 14
exclusive Destiny beta
exclusive Elder Scrolls online beta

and Warthunder, Warframe, Outlast and the Witness are "indy" but look as big as a retail game.

the Witcher2 released on the PC as "Indy", so it's not sid-scrollers like you think.

Spurg1730d ago


you mean that really underwhelming announcement for Uncharted on Ps4. Even if you put that in the list the X1 lineup looking more promising and varied.

About the BIG Sony studios developing new titles...don't you think Ms are doing the same thing...preparing to show new exclusive games for 2015 in E3 2014.


'exclusive Destiny beta
exclusive Elder Scrolls online beta'

Did you just post beta for Destiny and Elder Scrolls as ps4 exclusives???...Free to play game like deep down and Warframe are't really the type of game you want to test your ps4 with...they are made to be incomplete games. Free to play for a reason.

These aren't the type exclusives I'm taking about. I sure you knew about that just chose to throw any thing you had just to counter my argument.
The only promising game on the list is second son and The order(real exclusives)...but compare that to the X1 list for 2014...the Ps4 lineup doesn't look all that.

Even if you counter my argument by saying exclusives are exclusives not matter what type of of exclusive it is...your making peoples argument about the lack of exclusives on Xbox 360 really invalid.

NewMonday1730d ago


PS4 players will be the first to experience Destiny and Elder Scrolls online thats a big perk.

"they are made to be incomplete games. Free to play for a reason" you mean like Forza 5, except that Forza charges you the full $60 for an incomplete game and expects you to pay another $40+ for the rest of the game.

the list posted by xHeavYx shows the PS4 has a massive amount of games compaird to the XBone it's not even close.

on top of that the PS4 will run every 3rd part game better, nearly all will be 1080p, the XB1 is stuck on 720p for most games not mention missing effects like AA.

after the XBone launch games that's it, nothing to write about for a year, while the PS4 has many games lined up for the coming months.

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lifeisgamesok1730d ago

Off to a great start and next year sounds even better

Halo 5
Quantum Break
Fable Legends
Sunset Overdrive
Black Tusk project
Max and the Brotherhood

Dragonborn3121730d ago

Add D4, Project Spark, Kinect Sports Rivals and Below and it is a very impressive list. A lot of fun games to look forward to!

Livecustoms1730d ago

Im getting a Ps4 however that is an impressive stack of games, hope you enjoy them but i dont think Black Tusk game will be coming 2014 ?

heliumhead20301730d ago

No black tusk is coming next year. Their teasing them already. Erhart I don't get is, who exactly is black tusk and why are they important

Dragonborn3121730d ago

Yeah I am not sure if the Black Tusk game is coming in 2014, it very well may come in 2015, it does not even have a released Title yet. We will find out more soon enough though.

TrueJerseyDevil1730d ago

Only game that will be good there is Titanfall. 343 has destroyed Halo so i have no hope for it, and all the others i am not interested in

christocolus1730d ago

Huh?.... *scratching my head*

Bolts-N-Rays11091730d ago

How did 343 ruin Halo? Explain this to me, please.

christocolus1730d ago

You forgot to add a few but it seems dragonborn beat me to it...there are rumors of rare reviving some of their old ips..hope kameo and bk are among the list...crackdown3 and ryse2 hopefully.

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svoulis1730d ago

These little articles are funny. I mean do you expect these people to knock their own consoles? Doubtful.

I don't see it as of yet. I mean the games I want on XO are

Ryse, Titanfall, and Quantum break.

Livecustoms1730d ago

Ryse ? really there are plenty of better xbox One exclusives than ryse..

svoulis1730d ago (Edited 1730d ago )

well I am not a fan of racing games, and I am bored of zombies. So other then that name me some I should look into Friday :D

When I drop 400-500$ on consoles (each) this time, I want to be wowed by whatever games I play. To justify my purchase, Ryse seems like the Microsoft wow factor to me. As a racing game running at 1080p 60fps its really not that impressive, and lets be honest we all saw the Dead Rising 3 dipping under 16fps on DF during sandbox mode.

Convas1730d ago

According to who? You?

Fine. But don't speak for the rest of us.

XxGOWxX1730d ago

Im looking forward to all those games as well. Though i am getting DR3 even though the only next gen part about it is the amount of zombies.

Ill also be getting, Marvel, KI and maybe crimson dragon. mainly for the fun and co op factors.

Whitey2k1730d ago

ps4 will have

Order 1886 9
santa monica ( unannounced )
Naughty dogs ( possible uncharted 4 )
kindom under fire 2

many more :)

Livecustoms1730d ago

Possibly Uncharted 4 ? You do realize Uncharted Ps4 has been announced...

svoulis1730d ago

Look, I love my PS4 and all, and I see what you're trying to do but really? Why would you even put that here? This article has NOTHING to do with PS4. It's not like the headline says "we will have more games then PS4 in 2014"

Please go away. This is coming from a person who owns a PS4.

iceman13461730d ago (Edited 1730d ago )

well they will never match ps4 2014 games :
New Earth Defense Force
Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture
inFamous: Second Son
Deep Down
The Order: 1886
Phantom Breaker: Battle Grounds Overdrive
Shadow of the Beast
Yakuza Ishin
The Witness
Lily Bergamo
uncharted 4
santa monica game
kindom under fire 2
planetside 2
Oddworld: New ‘n’ Tasty

kennyg37391730d ago

I must read the article wrong I thought they were talking about the Xbox One

CramShaft1730d ago (Edited 1730d ago )

You are digging deep to make that list look impressive. Go enjoy your PS4, is it really needed to come in here and have a pissing contest when the article is just talking about the depth of games XB1 is gong to have next year. I can't wait to get my XB1 and stop reading the troll fest the console war has become. Nov. 22nd = more gaming, less n4g!

Edit: noticed the apology. That's very rare in this community. Hats off to that!

lifeisgamesok1730d ago

The only standouts in my opinion on your list are

Uncharted 4
The Order (maybe)
Deep Down (maybe)

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