Pachter: "First Party Stuff On The Xbox One Is Better Than The First Party Stuff On The PS4"

GR: Wedbush Securities analyst Michael Pachter believes that Xbox One has the stronger first-party launch lineup when compared to PlayStation 4.

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ArchangelMike1701d ago (Edited 1701d ago )

Not by much though... not by much. C'mon lets not kid ourselves, the launch games are not the reason why people buy new consoles. Neither are the launch games the measure by which to judge the caliber of games that will be released on the console. Just look at the 1st party PS3 launch games, and then compare those with the rest of the 1st party games that followed. Launch games are really just something to tide us over during the launch window. Give it till E3 2014, then tell me who has the best 1st party line up.

acharlez1701d ago

If it wasn't for Resogun, the PS4 launch would have been REALLY weak.

Forza 5, Dead Rising 3, and Killer Instinct all appear to be quite solid.

Nawert1701d ago

Knack is amazingly fun and so is Killzone

xHeavYx1701d ago

This is just a flame bait title, they are talking about launch line-up.
Xbox fans will say that the One has the best launch games, PS fans will say the PS4 wins, but so far launch games for both consoles are getting mixed reviews.
Personally, I'll support the company I know has an amazing amount of talented first party studios

Sev1701d ago

Agreed, I've been disappointed by the PS4's launch line-up. I can't speak personally on Xbox One's yet, since I don't yet have a system (bastards).

GiggMan1701d ago (Edited 1701d ago )

First Party? Which title is first party besides Forza and Killer Instinct? Most people are talking about DR3 and Ryse which are second or third party.

I hope people enjoy their launch lineup from Xbox One. If history is to repeat itself, which it usually does, those exclusive can start dwindling down. Companies like Capcom, Crytek, Respawn etc, are not guaranteed to keep pumping out exclusives for MS. Especially the way the PS4 is selling. I'm sure most was a one time deal.

Also Sony's first party companies are always a shoe in for a couple GOTY contenders a year so I'm going to ride with them for a while.

If Sony would have pulled the plug on its First Party PS3 offerings and moved them to PS4 like MS did they would have had the best launch in history. Imagine GT6, The Last of Us, Ratchet and Clank, and Beyond on the PS4 with Knack and Killzone.

qu1ckset1701d ago

Forza is the only exclusive game that I like on the XBO , killer instant was meh when I played it at bestbuy on the XBO. Dead Rising looks fun but not my cup of tea plus I've heard it suffers bad frame rate drops but that's just what I've read on the internet. I thought ryse looked amazing at e3 but then when I saw the gameplay footage in the collosium battles, I thought it looked horrible both gameplay wish and graphics.. Haven't played it tho so i will reserve judgement.

For Sony's exclusives , I've played and own resogun, Killzone, and knack. Resogun was flat out not my type of game at all, have it because it was free, Killzone SP has amazing graphics and was pretty fun , but I think after I beat SP I won't touch it again. Lastly I bought knack because I got a $20off voucher from a PS event and I'm happy I bought it I really enjoy it a lot don't know what the mixed reviews are about!

So far I'm enjoying knack along with BF4 and AC4 the most on my PS4!

KYU21301701d ago

The reviews on DR3 and KI have been lackluster at best.

abzdine1701d ago

the problem is that you base your opinion on assumptions.
how about third party games and the resolution? isn't that reason enough to buy PS4 for future games?

don't start the exclusives discussion cause if you look at the digital free releases on PSS it puts x1 to shame.

both consoles are having good lineups of games, just choose what is best for you.

minimur121701d ago (Edited 1701d ago )

What I think he is forgetting, is that Ryse, Dead Rising, Killer instinct, Peggle 2, Zoo tycoon, Crimson Dragon, Fighter Within, Titanfall are ALL second party*, which means they are paid exclusives. So coming from a ps fanboy himself (me) the EXCLUSIVE line up is a hell of a lot better, but the FIRST PARTY is to my knowledge, only Forza. please correct me if I'm wrong.

so he's wrong to say first party stuff is better on X One purly because only one game is first party, the rest is second.
Again, correct me if I'm wrong.

At least ps4 is launching with 2 first party exclusives, not sure about Resogun if theyre first party or not however.

Edit: Oops, looks like it's already been said, I guess I'm not the only one who realised his mistake then :p

NewMonday1701d ago (Edited 1701d ago )

people care what games the system has, they don't care if it's 1st, 2nd or 3rd party, and for the next 12 months the PS4 dominates..

The Order
Deep Down
MLB 14
exclusive Destiny beta
exclusive Elder Scrolls online beta

not counting the massive indy list

Kleptic1701d ago (Edited 1701d ago )

^mini...haha so now the quality of the games doesn't even matter, its whether or not they are 1st or 2nd party exclusives???? wow...

I loved my PS3, bought all kinds of stuff for it...and have had a strong preference for Sony consoles and software over almost 2 decades...

and even I think this is a pretty mediocre lineup for the PS4...i think the PS4 is a great console, looks promising...but the software right now is very underwhelming imo...I mean number one selling game is ghosts? doesn't that disappoint people?

Not that xbox one is much better (no interest in Ryse, Forza seems cool, nothing else to even be considered)...

overall i'm just disappointed in the software lineup for both systems, i guess...that'll change by next year i'm sure...but i'm far from blown away at this point...and i'm not alone, as more people bought ghosts than anything else...and that is hot trash of a game...

gaffyh1701d ago

That's because there haven't been many games for the 360 for the past three years, so they've had time to get stuff ready.


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hankmoody1701d ago

LOL Are we already starting with the "Just wait until (fill in the blank with the trade show/event of your choice)" comments?

thrust1701d ago

Hahaha your so right the whole of last gen was like that!

ZodTheRipper1701d ago

And the whole last gen PS3 had excellent first party support while the other one was abandoned 3 years ago.

Patrick1701d ago

Yeah, just like yall kept saying "Just wait till they show what kinect can do."
lol... your still waiting, at least we actually got and are still getting what we were waiting for "lots of great games"
Sadly, you cant say the same.

Clarence1701d ago

Yeah just wait until the PS3 passes up the 360. It did.
Just wait the PS3 is going to have a lot of games. It happened.

God war
Infamous 1-2
Uncharted 1-3
Demons soul
The last of us
GT5 & 6
Heavy Rain
The list goes on an on. It's a fact that Sony kept introducing new ip for the PS3.

Meanwhile the last game 360 had was gears prequel.
Well all know that the xbone launch lineup are really kinect titles for the 360, that were revamped for the xbone.

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ajkula1701d ago

pachter is a joke...
no barbie game on ps4?
...poor dude!
reviews are terrible on xbone games like ryse.
testers could play up to 4 levels and there's only 3 main actions:
attack, and i dont remember well but maybe counter and block tho.
then you dont get any new combos or anything.
the executions get quickly boring or even annoying since it's slowmo/QTE AND always the same ones!
Along with all that the levels are thin corridors with no interactions beyond a few scripts.
the story is also weak, it starts with an assault on neron's place where you are one of his guards, then you escape in tunnel and start taling him your story lol...
so, between this and crysis, water passed below the bridge, and erosion happened! A LOT of it!!
...poor devils

ajkula1701d ago (Edited 1701d ago )

my bad! erratum...You have two attack buttons, each of which can be held to perform a heavy attack, along with a roll away button and a defend button. And "tale-ing"
and to the disagrees: (enjoy!)

VaporCell1701d ago

I just know that when I saw infamous:ss latest gameplay clip, I felt sorry for the xbone. Not to mention the best of the 1st party lineup is yet to be shown ! I think GG was also
Working on a new ip right?

frostypants1701d ago (Edited 1701d ago )

The One has the best single 1st party launch title: Forza 5. Outside of that, the systems are even. Titanfall looks good too but that's not a 1st party title.

Veneno1701d ago

This comment by Pachter should mean nothing to the Xbox community because correct me if i'm wrong, last gen it wasn't about 1st party exclusives it was only about the 3rd party multiplatform games right? Exclusives don't mean anything at all right? Like how Microsoft bought TitanFall, Gears of War, and a bunch of early DLC?

ground_beef1701d ago

In regards to titanfall (or any other next gen game for that)
The thing is, we have to wait to see if the game/s is any good. I mean I was so hyped about a few next gen titles, especially killzone and knack, turns out that almost all of the next gen titles are getting poor reviews, I didn't expect that to be honest. I'll be getting the ps4 for sure, and I am also sure that xbone and ps4 are both gonna be amazing. I am also sure that buying a next gen system is a must for any gamer. But the real question is should people buy it now, or should they wait for a few months. Personally I'll wait, but as I said I will buy a next gen system for sure, just not now.

Also I really don't get why people are defending or attacking titanfall. None of us had the opportunity to play the game yet, so it could be an awfull game or it could be a system seller. To be honest, so far, I don't feel like titanfall is an innovation, or a groundbreaking, never before seen gameplay in the videogames industry. But again I can't say that for sure. I might be wrong or right. Anyways so far there isn't a game that's ground breaking or truly "next-gen" about the ps4 or the xbone, that aside though, both next-gen consoles are a must buy according to your preference, my preference is ps4. So buy a ps4 or xbone (or both if u can afford it), just not now, there's no urgency to buy now.

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Lolrus1701d ago (Edited 1701d ago )

at launch the xbone has the better first party titles for sure. AS a general statement this could not be any further from the truth. Sonys first party line up of studios absolutely takes a huge dump on MS and we will see this manifest with consistent stream of quality exclusives throughout the ps4s lifecycle like with ps3. This is why I am not too fussed about the drought at launch. This could be even further exacerbated as MS has seemed to lost its focus from a pure gaming system as with the 360 to a more 'jack of all trades' type of device.

Shinox1701d ago (Edited 1701d ago )

I don't get this guy at all AT ALL , what's wrong with his mind , is he infected with Personal duplication !?

JackVagina1701d ago

People are fighting over first party games and im just sitting here waiting for the 29th to play BF4, AC4 and COD...

Sevir1701d ago

I hear you!... I'm not at all fussing about that, KZ:SF is awesome. The Only 3rd party stuff i Got was F4 and Injustice at launch! I Purchased Knack, KZ:SF and Resogun, the latter of which i havent been able to put down since I ushered in Next Gen.

MS having a stronger launch line up is factual to those who are buying an XBO, I see nothing on that platform at launch that makes me want to drop $500, and i'm ok with that! The first must have exclusive on that platform is Titan Fall, everything is MEH! I'll be fine with the perceived lack of strong launch by the media. KZ, KNACK and Resogun are all fantastic games by my metric and I'm enjoying my PS4... along with everyone else who has one!

I'll let the outsiders continue to sit and talk, There are a million happy PS4 owners, minus the ones that got faulty consoles on day one who cant stop Playing KZ, KNACK Resogun and all the other Software that launched along side the system.

callahan091701d ago

The only non-cross-generational, retail-based first party game I can think of for Xbox One is Forza 5. If he means "exclusives" (including cross-generational or what-have-you) then maybe he has an argument, but he should really get his terms correct if he wants to be taken seriously as an industry analyst. Dead Rising 3 and Ryse are both second party (not developed, just published by Microsoft), just so we're all clear.

jetlian1701d ago (Edited 1701d ago )

published is more than enough. reality is the current exclusives are better. Thats all he's saying.

Anybody arguing over exact terms just whining.

the general ratings show it to be true

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