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EG:Taking something beautiful and retooling it into something beastly is one of the consistent pleasures of the Forza series. When the Ferrari 288 GTO rolled out of the Maranello gates, it was a vision of sculpted perfection: in Forza, there's an illicit kick in lowering the profile of its chassis, stripping out the luxurious leather interior then strapping a supercharger onto that already heavy-hitting twin turbo V8 to create a true monster.

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skoorydook1642d ago

Said the other day I seen this coming, reviewers are being extra fussy

Perjoss1642d ago

Well people are saying this Forza has a lot less content than Forza 4, so I guess there is a reason for the average reviews.

-Foxtrot1642d ago (Edited 1642d ago )

Well least some reviewers have got their head put on straight

Sorry but if a game has LESS content then the last game then it shouldn't get roughly the same marks as the last should get lower.

People are making this seem as good as Forza 4 and that game was a blast

It's like giving devs a free pass

"You want to put less content in the game....OH THAT'S FINE, we don't mind...we'll just pay extra for it as the inevitable DLC"

skoorydook1642d ago

Thing is I love the series but we only have to look at the reviews for the other launch exclusives, they are all averaging bellow their last gen counterparts.

NewMonday1642d ago

what happened?

this is the worst reviewed Forza in the franchise, I expected it to be the best reviewed XB1 game.

majiebeast1642d ago

"There's the potential for it to improve over time, but right now the Xbox One's heavily touted cloud rains down a thunderstorm of idiocy."


badz1491642d ago

they should rate it down for cutting down contents and having the guts to beat their cheat about their DLC plan! let's not encourage the devs to give less and DLC more! more power to the gamer!

WrAiTh Sp3cTr31642d ago

majiebeast must've had to send his console in to sony, lol.

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DigitalRaptor1642d ago (Edited 1642d ago )

Agreed. If you compare what Forza 5 offers, it doesn't even come close to series standards and this review is pretty much one expression of such. It has about half the content and features of Forza 4, and the only reason it achieves 1080p/60fps is the sheer amount of content and features it's missing. This should hold major gauge in a review, when you're putting down $60 for an incomplete product.

Apart from it having far less content for $60, they're putting out a $50 DLC season pass bringing the content you should have received in the first place to $110.

These fluctuating standards from game reviewers need to be highlighted. I'm just waiting for those stupidly negative and nitpicking reviews of GT6. I'm expecting some overblown A. Sessler outrage about something about micro-transactions, or about it being on PS3 rather than PS4. Indeed.

MRMagoo1231642d ago

I think it should be 5 considering its half the game the previous ones where.

strigoi8141642d ago

paying $60 is not enough for this DLC to complete game

GrandpaSnake1642d ago

I was trying to figure it out, on ign all the fanboys are like YES! we get less weather/lights/tracks/cars but its okay it deserves the a 9 its really fun lol

InTheLab1642d ago

Yeah so just go play Forza 3 Ultimate as it was the last legit Forza....

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