IGN - Forza Motorsport 5 Review

IGN:Lacks the girth of FM4 but wrestling iconic cars around legendary tracks has never looked or felt this good on console.

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Mikefizzled1729d ago

I think even with the downsizing on cars and tracks it was a safe bet being around a 9. Preordered the steelbook. Roll on Friday.

HugoDrax1729d ago

I ordered the limited edition copy as well. Can't wait till Friday :-)

4Sh0w1729d ago (Edited 1728d ago )

edit I meant to reply to Brutallyhonest below

OR the message seems to be Quality over Qauntity, which means from what I read the whole experience is superb and a lesser game game with 600 cars is still a lesser game with 600 cars half of which could be less detailed, 200 similar variations, bad menus, cumbersome online, cosmetic damage but gee it's 600 cars and 90 made up tracks vs less laser scanned highly accurate representations of real world tracks for the sim junkie. There's tons of hours upon hours, months of quality gameplay here even if you only drive 50 of those cars to their limits. Again 1000 cars AND all this amazing quality would be ideal and for all we know that's why it's not getting higher scores but what we do know for sure is the content there IS very, very damm good.

Boody-Bandit1729d ago (Edited 1729d ago )

I'm actually disappointed it rated this high only because I feel a message should be sent to developers that when you cut 2/3rds the cars and over half of the tracks from it's predecessor? You either delay it until you have more content or sell it at a reduced price like a prologue game.

Forza 5 looks great, sounds great, plays great, BUT it has less than half the content of Forza 4. At least IGN made reference to the lack of content but they glossed over it with nothing but praise. Oh well, this Forza fanatic will wait for Forza 6 but if this is the message the media sends the developer I doubt Forza 6 will even have as much content as Forza 4.

I want Forza with 70 locations!
At least give us Nurburgring Turn 10. That track alone might've sold me. I was dying to see it with updated visuals. My favorite track in ANY racing game.

-Foxtrot1729d ago (Edited 1729d ago )

Thats what I'm worried encourages DLC

You get the same old response off people

"Oh well...they will add it as DLC, so it's not an issue"

Yeah it is a bloody issue because I don't want to pay more for something which should of been in the game from the start.

It's like GTAV, if in future updates they do a weapon pack which you to pay for and includes past weapons like the Knuckle Duster, Flame-thrower, Katana, Chainsaw, magnum, missile launcher etc I would be really p***** off because your supposed to expanded on stuff from the past game not cut stuff out.

@kB0 - below

"Remember though, they aren't comparing it to other games, that's not the point of reviews. "

It kind of is should reflect on the score. If a game does not live up to the past game then it should be noted and marked down.

Look at those dmc reviews, most of them were possitive and I have no idea why because the game looked terrible for a DMC game and it was a step back for the franchise.

Why give a game which is a step back NOT forward a good review. Comparing it to last games in it's franchise should matter a little in reviews.

If it's a new franchise then it would obviously get the benefit of the doubt because it's new and there's room to improve

kB01729d ago (Edited 1729d ago )

I actually agree somewhat with this. Remember though, they aren't comparing it to other games, that's not the point of reviews.

If you were to compare each game to others, you'd see horribly low scores across the board. The point of this is to review the game as it is, and IGN felt it was a good game.

Frankly I don't care if they leave it to even 20 cars, as long as the game plays well and is a step forward in terms of game play:)

I personally thought it was an 8.0 game, only because the lighting is baked on again, and frankly no weather effects like I wanted to. I'm not sure if there is night racing or not, but if there isn't that disappoints me too, because i love night racing:P

I usually look at Eurogamer reviews, they seem to be very realistic about the games and give them a very fair score.

The number might be small but read what they say.

Boody-Bandit1729d ago (Edited 1729d ago )


That's exactly my point. Watch them piece meal most of the tracks from Forza 4 to Forza 5 through DLC. Turn 10 is as bad as Capcom when it comes to milking DLC for dollars. I read that F5 will have DLC day one.

I mean give them the 8.8 because there is no doubt this an excellent game but they should really drive home the fact the content is lacking. Maybe then Turn 10 would not charge for some of the DLC. But with positive reviews like this, mentioning but excusing the lack of content, gives them a license to milk gamers for every last cent.

I mean seriously, COME ON MAN! (Chris Carter reference)

green1729d ago (Edited 1729d ago )

It is because they have to remodel all cars from scratch for a new gen of consoles and that is why it is not possible to have them all available for launch.

The same thing happened with Gran Turismo 3 a PS2 launch window game shipping with less content than GT2 on the PS1. The same also happened with PGR3 shipping with 80 cars, down from the 110+ cars from PGR2.

It is not ideal for us paying customers but Unless you want last gen looking cars mixed with current gen like GT5, that is the only option devs will have unless they completely miss launch window entirely.

As for me, i am happy with the quality of the content they have shown so far.

Bathyj1728d ago

I'm kind of confused how forza can get such a good score with 14 tracks and killer instinct does it with 6 fighters but seems to get a pass for that. Meanwhile killzone does exactly what it sets out to do but gets punished for not revolutionizing the genre. Seems like a double standard.

Boody-Bandit1728d ago


There is no seems like about it.
More like there IS.

4Sh0w1728d ago (Edited 1728d ago )

So suddenly there is a double standard again, but there wasn't for all the Uncharted games, all the God of Wars, and so many other great ps3 games including The Last of Us? How come it's only a double standard when xbox related games review a little higher than current ps games and then when ps games are scoring 10/10's reviews become valid once more???

FACT this happens every single time xbox games get good reviews, essentially in some people's eyes if xbox games score well they MUST be biased but I have a crazy idea that says maybe, just maybe those games (that you havent played) might actually be good games, worth some quality fun not the greatest ever but surely deserving of their scores in the opinion of the *reviewer.

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sobotz1729d ago

Best Xbox One's game easily

OlgerO1729d ago

Best nextgen exclusive for sure, currently a solid 8.3 on metacritic

weekev151729d ago

Mario 3D World says hi. 9.3 on metacritic atm.

Dehnus1729d ago Show
Ezz20131728d ago (Edited 1728d ago )

says alot about launch titles on both consoles when the highest rated next gen game is only 82%(not 83%)on metacritc

there is a reason why i never care about launch titles on any system i buy
next year it gonna be very different story though

TheFallenAngel1729d ago

Easily. Forza are an amazing series. Enjoy this great game xboners.

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Golden_Mud1729d ago

I expect Forza 6 to have changing weather , better visuals , more cars and more tracks and more fun than Forza 5 , I'm still buying Forza 5 for it's amazing handling

Convas1729d ago

That too is my expectation for Forza Motorsport 6. I have no doubt that they'll head in that direction.

hankmoody1729d ago

It's funny, I'm buying Forza for two reasons:

1) to see how the new controller works in conjunction with it; the rumble triggers piqued my curiosity

2) to entertain my four year old who loves cars

Golden_Mud1729d ago

With "handling" I meant the controller setup and the physics of the game , they are both being praised

LAWSON721729d ago

I dont care how pretty the game is Turn 10 started this gen very poorly with only 200 cars and less tracks (which in 4 was already a problem). Quality does not always surpass quantity, there has to be a good balance and this is one of those times. Either the Xbone is not capable or Turn 10 wants to make a shitty sequel so every fan has to buy the sequel or crap tons of dlc.

Call me some fanboy but I hate GT5 and I am big fan of Forza 2 and 3, 4 also but I was disappointed that it was pretty much the same game as 3 and all that dlc really made the game expensive.

hankmoody1729d ago

"...only 200 cars."

I think I can read that all day and still marvel at how ridiculous that sounds to be disappointed over.

LAWSON721728d ago

Forza is about cars and for example in Forza 4 I had over 225 in my garage. Forza is supposedly about cars yet more than half from previous titles are not included.

jackanderson19851729d ago

why would it be the xbox one's fault that the dev's didn't put more cars and tracks in? this is single handily the devs fault.

are they wrong to cut the cars/tracks yep would seem so unless they start dolling them out as free dlcs (they won't as paid DLCs are here to stay most likely)

LAWSON721728d ago (Edited 1728d ago )

When I say Xbone I am mostly referring to MS force of early release or even Xbone since the game does not have dynamic weather (rain and night). Turn 10 said the reason it was not in 4 was because hardware limitations made them have to decide pretty reflections or dynamic weather. What is the excuse for Xbone? Limitations or holding out so people have something look forward to in a sequel.

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