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GR-UK writes: "It needs more content: more cars and, in an ideal world, the same again number of tracks. But that doesn't stop it from being an absolutely brilliant racing game. It takes full advantage of the additional horsepower of Xbox One, and the introduction of Drivatars gives new life to the career mode. There's plenty of options to sink your teeth into, it's visually stunning, and the car handling is first rate. If you're still not sure which launch title to pick up when you get your new Xbox One at the end of the week, put this right at the top of the list."

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VENOMACR12271766d ago

Wow, so glad I'm getting this day one. The lack of cars and tracks sucks a bit, but to be honest the 500+ cars in the last Forza, a lot of them were race cars, 20 different models of Skylines, 15 difference Civics, some were SUV's, so it's not the end of the world. Either way this game looks and sounds like it's going to be brilliant.