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VideoGamer: "The bodywork is built for showing off your new machine, but there's something more substantial under the hood."

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kewlkat0071705d ago

Strange there is never people in the positive reviews..

Naga1705d ago

No controversy, no comment. Apparently.

muffinbutton1705d ago

I would say at least 50% of this sites fans are sony fans.


More like 70%, nost of the time they come to Xbox articles just to say bad things even when they not planning to buy a MS console.

3-4-51705d ago

Forza has always been good. I expect the same for this.

Luthiens11705d ago

Although i cant use my old official wheel (good wheel btw), i cant wait to use the haptic triggers with the controller. Wheels offer a distinct advantage but with no one else having one, at least there should be an even playing field for the online.
Looking forward to friday..race safe kiddies!