Rare Arkham Origins Batarang Press Kit Sells on Ebay for AUD$412

OXCGN: It’s no secret that media receive nifty little treats as part of an incentive to promote various publishers products. In anticipation for Batman: Arkham Origins, Warner Bros. sent out a total of 1000 of these Batarang units to media around the world.

Here in Australia, there were some lucky journalists that managed to receive one, however it seems that someone has stooped down to the level of selling the item on ebay for a profit. In the past there have been some shady journalists who have done the same thing with their press kits for money but since then, I haven’t heard of anyone doing so.

This week has seen many media trade and/or sell received games to put towards the next-gen consoles which is a little shoddy, but no where near selling this item for $400+.

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