PS4 Exclusive RPG Deep Down Gets New Information on Dungeons, More on Weapons and Armor Next Week

Today Capcom released some new information on the upcoming PS4 exclusive free to play RPG Deep Down, that will enter its beta testing phase around the Japanese launch of the console in February.

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cactusjack1699d ago

sounds like a dungeon simulator

clmstr1699d ago

Visually stunning dungeon simulator.

Irishguy951699d ago

Still can't believe the hype for this game.

solidt121699d ago

If you love RPG's then this game is gonna be crack.

sigfredod1699d ago

Hyped more amd more, like the always changing dungeon, not only on the layout but the presentation

Scrumptious1699d ago

Hope this comes to the US the game sounds very interesting and has some amazing graphics.

TheEnigma3131699d ago

It's definitely coming to the U.S. With the success of Dark/ Demon Souls; this is definitely coming.

Redempteur1699d ago

it was showcased at E3 , it will come. Capcom is not that dumb , especially since this game was made with sony funding after all.

MilkMan1699d ago

Now THIS WAS and IS the reason I got PS4. Don't care about driving cars, don't care nor will I ever play another MP shooter for the rest of my living days. But games like this, BRING THEM ON!

WeAreLegion1699d ago

No MP shooters? Well, you're not invited to my birthday party!

tulholdren1699d ago

RPG's that is what I'm talking about let me get my hands on this to see if its as good as it looks.

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