PlayStation 4 Mega Review: A Fantastic And Powerful System With A Solid Base | GB

The PlayStation 4 makes a hell of an impact, even with its true potential to be unlocked years down the line.

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svoulis1648d ago

Very well written long and thorough review. I am enjoying the hell out of my PS4 and have put massive hours into it.

Beat Killzone and BF4 Campaigns

Working on Knack Ghost and AC IV.

Among a lot of other games I am waiting to play :D

2014 is going to be a great year for gaming.

OlgerO1648d ago

PS4 is off to a great start in my opinion.

Thevariance1648d ago

The sale numbers seem to show that your opinion is fact.

Irishguy951648d ago

Agreed, Cods sales show the same

amiga-man1648d ago

And it hasn't even been launched in Europe yet, Greatness certainly awaits for us it seems.

seanpitt231648d ago

It is remarkable this console. Sony really has out done themselves with this one. Just bring on the games.

Bio_Mod1648d ago

29,11,13 ......... 9 days until greatness!

qu1ckset1648d ago

That would kill me, having to wait to get my PS4 last Friday was torture , I hope time flies for you!

Elimin81648d ago

yeah the wait is hard.

Elimin81648d ago

9 days until Greatness for you perhaps? GR3ATNESS has officially begun… 11/15/2013!

MatrixxGT1648d ago

Yes. 100% games. 0% BS. That's why I bought it. Enjoying every minute of it.

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