Ground Zeroes: PS4 retail version may come to the west, no XB1 LE in Japan, launch info coming soon

Steven Key, European brand manager for Kojima Productions, provided some interesting bits of information regarding the retail versions of Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes.

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TheEnigma3131734d ago

There is no reason the release an Xbone version in Japan; The system won't sell much there.

Nyxus1734d ago

Probably not. But there will be a version for it, just not a limited edition, from what I understand.

abzdine1734d ago

especially if the game has lots of chances to get released in japan before x1 comes out, so yeah no point to do that.

THamm1734d ago

Yes I hope they keep the same coverart

Nyxus1734d ago

That, or Shinkawa art.

GrandpaSnake1734d ago

I cant believe they didn't announce metal gear online yet.

Nyxus1734d ago

They did. The new Kojima Productions studio in LA is working on it.

GrandpaSnake1734d ago

thats old info, im talking about footage maybe a little eye candy.

crimsonfox1734d ago

announce means announce GrandpaSnake.

A trailer would be nice though, I feel ya.

pecorre1734d ago

If it's digital only I'm not buying it and I'm waiting for the inevitable MGS5 complete/collector edition.

Nyxus1734d ago

There will be a retail version on 360/PS3, that's been confirmed. But so far they have only announced digital versions for next gen in the west. I hope that will change.

pecorre1734d ago

I'm going with the PS4 version. I find it dumb that PS3 will get it but not PS4. I dont see why. I am willing to pay more for the PS4 version.

-Foxtrot1734d ago

Yup...same here man

Ground Zeros is what the Tanker Missions were in MGS2 and did I pay extra for I didn't.

MrSwankSinatra1734d ago (Edited 1734d ago )

After 1 million PS4s sold in 24 hrs I think they decided to backtrack considering the potential of more consoles being sold till spring which means a bigger attach rate for next gen.

KrimsonKody1734d ago

If next gen is digital only, they are going to go the same route as the "HD Collection"; re-releasing the game over & over. Digital now, retail later, & collectors after, & that's unfair.
If this is the case, I'll just get the PS3 version retail & wait for the collectors version on the PS4, which I hope will be retail. At least I would get the MG experience in the meantime & have the option to trade it in when the better version comes.

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