GTA V 1.06 patch leaves thousands unhappy

Product-Reviews writes: Players are not happy with the recent changes Rockstar have made, one of which has been detailed by Rockstar in their notes which reads: “The GTA$ and RP rewards for Races, Deathmatches and Parachuting are now based on the average time they take to complete”.

You only need to head to their comment section to see that thousands upon thousands of comments are coming in, most of which are in a negative fashion which is disappointing to see

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danswayuk1704d ago

It is their game, so their rules.

xHeavYx1704d ago

I thought they were going to talk about technical issues. I keep getting a message saying that my personal car was destroyed, even though it wasn't. I also upgraded one of the free cars only to lose the upgrades

Saints941704d ago (Edited 1704d ago )

Then nobody will want to play the game if the rules suck.

The MOD of San Andreas multiplayer has a lot more content and the "rules" are great as well.

Just try it if you disagree.

Kryptix1704d ago (Edited 1704d ago )

You're right about the San Andreas MP mod, the zombie mode is where you can find me. :)

But I don't get what Rockstar is doing, they should primarily fix the glitches first before going into "balancing" the game. But this balance doesn't make sense since it potentially lowers the payout drastically of everything you can do at this moment.

And why focus on the Beach Bum pack over Heists? Heists was a very fun aspect in the single player and would be great to have it as early as possible in the MP. I don't know, Rockstar's decisions for online are very questionable at the moment. Like do they know what the players even want, read feedback?

ParanoidFreak1704d ago

@danswayuk: What an ignorant statement

bohemian 231704d ago

He just read a comment on the original site, and tried to post it here. Lol, think for yourself @danswayuk.

duli141704d ago

The online portion of the game has been a mess since launch anyways. I had high hopes for the online, maybe they will get it right with GTA 6

Mutant-Spud1703d ago

I was wondering the other day if GTAO is just more of Rockstar's irony, like putting out a cheap looking, shitty, mass entertainment multiplayer game as a comment on all the other shitty tacked on multiplayer modes that have come out...and then charging real money on top of it all. Great gag if they did.

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ALICE6661704d ago (Edited 1704d ago )

Logged on..

"NOOOOOOOO my tank is gone from the garage!!"

...and and my cop cars, tanks, helicopters....


jokes aside, even if they didn't change the rewards I probably wont be playing much of this game for much longer. Just getting a bit boring now at level 82.. even with the new DLC. Just not enough to do higher up and I've seen everything thats out there thats meant to be seen. Friends pretty much left too doesn't help either...

mydyingparadiselost1704d ago

I didn't realize GTA actually stands for Game That Angers

TheEnigma3131704d ago

Is GTA V multiplayer really that shoddy?

Joe9131704d ago (Edited 1704d ago )

It is a great game just gets old fast if you are not playing with friends or once you lvl up to a high enough lvl ppl are mad because they keep cutting the amount of money and experience you get when complete a mission or race I have not been playing as much as I did once it dropped but I still jump on when friends are on. I get ppl complaints most of what sounded really kool when R* announced online is not there yet I guess they need to focus on heist rather than beach bum content but any free dlc is welcome to me. It is not as bad as ppl make it to be unless you lost content which it only happened to me once

frostypants1704d ago (Edited 1704d ago )

It has/had a lot of exploits, so lots of people got top-tier stuff within a few days. The rest of us, meanwhile, grinded it out and worked towards those things fair and square. This patch just made it HARDER to do the latter and made a whole lot of honest players sorry that they didn't just cheat. Meanwhile, most cheaters got off with no punishment at all and are driving around with multiple million dollar cars, putting high-priced bounties on random people just for fun, etc.

That's what sucks here. Had this reward/payout structure been in place since day 1, with the exploits eliminated, it wouldn't be an issue. Now, though, half the player base are gods now (the cheaters are uber-gods) and it will take everyone else months to catch up without finding new cheats, where as before it would just take days or weeks (for people who were good at races, at least).

They should have increased the rewards for the non-racing missions, rather than nerfing the races.

But of course they want us to pay real money for fake money. This was a boardroom-designed patch disguised as a "balancing" effort. Kiss my ass, R*...

MestreRothN4G1704d ago

Me too. Will come back IF they implement heists one day.

Rockstar dropped the level pretty hard from RDR to GTAV. So many design involutions, specially the fact that pretty much ANY side activity is useless. Compare it to RDR, for instance.

Still a good game, just not their best.

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