Japan Sales Week: PS Vita TV and God Eater 2 debut at high sales

Gematsu: This week’s Media Create sales figures are in.

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Neonridr1701d ago

Wow, big jump for the Vita. That is to be expected as the sales go hand in hand with the Vita TV.

Wii U even had a sales bump, moved above the PS3. Mario 3D World should help move consoles in Japan for sure when it releases tomorrow.

PrimeGrime1701d ago (Edited 1701d ago )

Well according to this chart sadly the Wii U dropped a little. Says last weeks numbers right next to the current ones. Last weeks was 17,737 and now its at 15,906.

No doubt Super Mario 3D World will help sell some more though.

I'd be picking up a copy myself but I am replacing my 3DS XL with the new Zelda one.. which cost a pretty penny. Gonna have to pick it up later, honestly I was kind of weary of this new Mario cause I was hoping for something more Mario 64 or something like Sunshine but it has been looking pretty good I must say.

Neonridr1701d ago

I am doing exactly the same. However I am going for the full rape and picking up Mario 3D World as well along with the 3DSXL.

Reviews are saying this might be the best Mario ever. Regardless if it's better than Galaxy, it looks to be one heck of a game.

And good catch on the Wii U numbers, I totally missed that. I guess it's a bump compared to usual weeks, lol.

PrimeGrime1701d ago (Edited 1701d ago )

Nice, wish I could do the same.

Aw shit you know what I just realized... Is that game stores are opening at 12AM for the Xbox One..

I am going to have to be in that madness because I'll be damned if I don't get my pre-ordered gold 3DS XL.. :( As I was told today, cause I just checked that apparently there wasn't a ton of them shipped out at least not at my store and then it hit me the Xbox One releases the same damn day and they are opening early for midnight release.


Why god.. I hate standing in lines, going to have be there butt ass early probably because of all the Xbox One people camping out that night who might have this 3DS pre-ordered also.

FACK!!! Why Couldn't the Xbox One be released earlier or on the 21st or 23rd... <,<

Neonridr1701d ago

Well if you preordered it, you should have one guaranteed right? Unless your store oversold compared to their preorder.

PrimeGrime1701d ago (Edited 1701d ago )

Yes they over sold because they were not expecting them to ship so little to the store which they just found out.. As to why they told me be there early to get it and even with a pre-order those who get theirs first get it and those who don't get their early enough before those who do simply won't. Sucks..

They did say those without pre-orders are sadly mistaken if they think they will just walk in and pick one up.

I guess if worse comes to worse I'll drive around town like a mad person searching every store that got them.. I know walmart and bestbuy will get them also.

Just throwing this out there as I am not willing to wait for mine in the mail but maybe others are, but if you order it online through walmart on the 22nd, its only $200 instead of $220. I guess if I get screwed that is another option.

Neonridr1701d ago

Well good luck then with your preorder, I hope you are able to get yours (myself included).

How funny would it be to lineup with all the XB1 kiddies and then proudly state that you are there to pick up your 3DSXL/Zelda bundle..

PrimeGrime1701d ago

Thanks, good luck to you as well. If you haven't called and checked the stock at your store I would just to know how its going down. Definitely good to be prepared and from what I can see almost everyone wants this new 3DS.

Just realized I also got my Tearaway pre-order.. Been waiting for that forever it seems almost slipped my mind since I pre-ordered it so long ago. Good thing I paid that off a long time ago cause I wouldn't even be able to pick that up.

Damn you Christmas and Black Friday.

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bothebo1701d ago

Over 200k sold in the first day for God Eaters 2 and that doesn't even include digital.... Sony.... just what are you doing with your system. Make more games for it!

1701d ago
Protagonist1701d ago

We need it to be localized.

thehobbyist1700d ago

The first one was localized don't panic. It'd be stupid for them not to. Then again, one could say the same about Monster Hunter 4

Protagonist1700d ago

Yeah, I remember the first one, I just wish they released these kind of games simultaneously for all regions.

kwiksilver991701d ago

hmmm.40 k opening week for vita tv.
honestly i was expecting it to sell a lot more than that.lets see how they hold next week

Kingthrash3601701d ago

lol negative nancy.
ot good for vita and sony!

kwiksilver991701d ago

lol.well i was kinda excited to see the numbers this week because of god eater 2 along with the vita tv charting this week.
guess i was caught in the ps hype this week.
good numbers definitely.wonder when tearaway comes out in japan?.
hope it does really well.

PrimeGrime1701d ago (Edited 1701d ago )

I think its good given the amount of actual PS Vita's sold as well. So not only did people run out and buy more Vita's they also bought Vita TV.

For anything to beat the 3DS is an achievement in my eyes even if its only for a short time when the 3DS sells so well. Doesn't seem like much can touch the XL/LL though.

kwiksilver991700d ago least things are looking up.hope the sales pick up in the u.s .its about time.
eu seems fine apparently.:)
tearaway for me this xmas:)

gunboss2011701d ago

Localize this game!! Trophy's in English, hint maybe?!

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