EA ignores the Wii U in recent gaming survey

A German survey on next-gen purchasing has left out the Wii U as a potential market for their customers.

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Neonridr1769d ago

Nintendo is going to be harder and harder to ignore as the install base of the Wii U naturally goes up and up.

Chris5581769d ago

well hiw would it go down would you destroy it?

Neonridr1769d ago

I don't even understand that comment, sorry.

deafdani1769d ago

I think he's saying that the Wii U's install base can't go down, unless you kill all current Wii U owners.


Neonridr1769d ago

ahh.. that makes more sense. Still didn't really think my comment needed that sort of clarification though.. :P

mechlord1769d ago

The problem isnt install base. It never was. The original Wii sold a lot, but still there werent lots of 3rd party games on it.

The W is even weirder than the first and Ninty hasnt really improved on 3rd party relations;

Plus, be X1 and the PS4 being PC-like makes them wonder "why invest on a platform that is cumbersome to use, doesnt have the network infrastructure that all our games need (because they think every single game needs MP), wont have a decent attach rate and really has no muscle to complete with the other 2?"

That, people, is why not only EA but pretty much everybody else is ignoring the Wii U.

Neonridr1769d ago

I think there is more to it. EA didn't even really try to be successful on the Wii U. All they offered Wii U owners were a slap in the face. Lets charge full price for ME3 and then on the PS3 and 360 and the same time release the Mass Effect Trilogy for the same price.

The Wii was even more overshadowed by the muscle compared to the 360/PS3 than the Wii U is compared to the XB1/PS4. The Wii U can produce some awesome visuals if developers actually take the time.

The reason EA developed for them was the fact that you can't ignore an install base of 100 million when you are making games. You have to include them because the chances are pretty good of having multi-million unit sellers.

The Wii U has at best 4.5 million users, there isn't enough there yet for EA to jump on. Now when that install base reaches let's say 15 million, EA may start to change their minds on skipping the Wii U.

Yep1769d ago (Edited 1769d ago )

It's not that they don't think it's next-gen. They said it was recently in the past. They just aren't currently making any games for it so there is no reason to include it in further activities, such as this survey.

Seriously, you really think EA thinks web browser games are more next-gen than Wii U? Let's stop fear mongering.

Yep1769d ago

And damn does that feature image get old.

RPG_Lover1769d ago

Funny because I ignore EA

andrewer1769d ago

My thoughts exactly. EA should shut up and make things right, but they're getting so much money from graphics and stuff that they don't even need to worry about quality :/

ziratul1769d ago

You people just don't get it...

EA and Nintendo ARE IN WAR!!! Because Nintendo refused to USE origin account system and origin services on their consoles (explore google for more details)

I've... pardon (WE HAVE) seen Wii U capabilities and they are not that bad. FIFA 14 could be ported on Wii U with some resolution, graphics cuts.

Dark111769d ago

EA isn't the only one who ignoring Nintendo
there is Take-Two and bethesda etc.

Activemessiah1769d ago

Bethesda are ignoring them because Nintendo doesn't like buggy games.

N4g_null1769d ago

Nope no cuts are needed... the wiiu uses the space age tech of compression, which is how need for speed was ported from the pc.

deafdani1769d ago

I have yet to see any link that officially confirms this Origin issue theory.

Until I see such a link, this is only a unfounded rumor.

lilbroRx1768d ago

War requires to sides to fight. Nintendo isn't fighting EA. They aren't regarding them at all.

This is purely EA's bitterness.

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MilkMan1769d ago

EA are ass-clowns these guys are well passed their prime and should have been either bought out or defunct a long time ago. They pulled a resurrection right out of their ass with Battlefield, cause all they had was Madden for revenue.

In other words. Nintendo will still be here long pasted the time when EA has been cherry picked and cannibalized and mothballed by the entire industry for whatever paltry IP's they have left.

These guys are just a plague on the industry, and this comes from somebody that remembers them when it was a handful of them looking like a bunch of hippies from the 60's....that was a long time ago.

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