Microsoft offers three year Xbox One warranty for £59.99

Microsoft will offer Xbox One users the option to extend their console's warranty for three years by purchasing Microsoft Complete for £59.99.

Microsoft Complete offers an extended guarantee on your console, Kinect sensor and two Xbox One controllers. Without Microsoft Complete, all Xbox Ones will ship with a one year warranty.

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Athonline1764d ago (Edited 1764d ago )

Based on EU law, which overlaps UK law, you can actually claim a minimum 2 years warranty from the seller of your machine. So you pretty much pay £60 for a 3rd year and to deal with MS directly on your 2nd year.

Much rather spend £60 on a game. Afterall if there is a RoD-like issue, MS will extend warranty or you can get a 3rd-party warranty.

Still not a bad price compares to usually OEM's warranties prices, as it includes two controllers and the Kinect...

Yi-Long1764d ago

Exactly, in Europe you've got (at least) 2 years of warranty. You could argue it should be even more, cause it's based on 'a realistic expected life-expectancy', and normally you would expect a console to last more than 2 years, but I think that differs from country to country.

Athonline1764d ago

Yes. As I moved in the UK from continental Europe, I was surprised how non well-known this EU Directive is here.

PC World, Game, etc employees are always confused when I refuse to buy any extended warranties, citing this law...

Yes you can argue for more; you can even use Microsoft's claims about a 10-years life-circle and demand, through legal action, a 10 years warranty. Then again, lawyer's fees will cost you more than 2-3 XBOnes ;)

CocoWolfie1764d ago (Edited 1764d ago )

considering that microsoft has talked a lot about the durability of the console, that its built last, to stay on.. i wouldnt buy it.. :p

Funantic11764d ago

Microsoft seems to be very confident in the quality of the Xbone. They claim the Xbox One will last 10 years. I'll let you know in 2023.

Captain Qwark 91764d ago

haha no it wont. MS is a software company. you can tell because the software they put out for PC's, phones, and xbox's are all clean, easy to use, and nice.

you can also tell because none of their hardware seems to last. 4 360's i went through and my nokia phone is shit which is tech nokia but as the official windows phone, im including as them

this is pretty much a must buy unless you wait two years for them to work out all the kinks

WeAreLegion1764d ago

I would purchase one. I bought the 3 year warranty through the PS Store for my PS4. These are launch consoles, people.

svoulis1764d ago (Edited 1764d ago )

If I am going to get any warranty it will be through Gamestop.

If you are in the US here is why.

BestBuy will ship out your console to Microsoft to repair it so the "warranty" you buy from them does nothing but give them money and they ship it for you.

Gamestop. System fails within a year bring it back quick exchange no questions ask (just dont open her up) and walk out the door. If they don't have one at the store you go to, they will send you to a store that does have one. If that fails its overnight shipped to you.

40$ on my PS4 for that.. I took the offer.

I believe its 50$ for the XO, and yes I know you get a 1 year warranty with the item, but I dont like waiting and I'd gladly add the 40-50$ to get a new working unit same day if mine breaks.

Oh and at gamestop you can renew the service every year.

Both systems have and will continue to have failure rates and being a purchaser of a Next Gen console no matter how talked up they are from either side, S#$t happens, and when I get a XO I will be getting a warranty. Because I had to go through 5 360's in my time with it.

tcozzens1764d ago

$50 for the one year, $80 for the two year. I work there and I'll be getting the two year along with my xbox one

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