PS Vita TV and PS Vita Explode in Japan's Media Create Hardware Charts, Sell 88,000 Units Combined

It’s Wednesday, and as every Wednesday Media Create released its hardware sales charts, giving a bird’s eye view on what happened last week in the Japanese video game market.

Specifically, this week marks the first debut figures of the PS Vita TV

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dedicatedtogamers1705d ago

With the advent of cheap games and cheap consoles (Wii), I think there's definitely a market for a straightforward, inexpensive console platform. Sony needs to bring this to the West but they need to advertise it properly (Vita TV? No. Change the name, please).

abzdine1705d ago

it's massive!!
now let the invasion begin in the west as well.

blitz06231705d ago

I really hope the PS4 breathes life into the Vita in the West, coupled with a potential release of the Vita TV. Remote play is a good start, and hopefully sales increase to a point where developers see the value in developing for the system. It's a shame to see something like that not get any recognition in terms of games.

Also good to see Tearaway getting some excellent reviews. It's been under the radar for the most part but hopefully it helps Vita sales

gear1705d ago

Dude its massive in japan because japanese love handheld devices and the developers in japan make good games for them,sadly very good games like monster hunter,phantasy online 2,yakuza ishin(which i am really counting on a western release) and many more(even free to play games) are japan only.
If u see the number of vita games in japan are more in the west and most of the games are worth for the vita,Thus very few good titles are released on the west.

RedHawk021705d ago

Vita TV can't come to West yet as it only works with a JPN PSN. Also it's just better to buy a Vita because Vita TV, despite being a great device, is only compatible with 25% of games from Vita.
I'm also really looking forward to great games from Japan to come to the West. If I knew Japanese I could just import them. Waiting is a pain.

GTgamer1705d ago

I knew the Vitatv was gonna sell like hotcakes now im waiting for it to come to NA then i can join in on the fun.

yellowgerbil1705d ago

vitaTV is the perfect name for it in the west. They need to market it as a companion for tvs to turn them into smart tvs.
What sony NEEDS to do is start having one built INTO all their TVS and that will help them get back into the relevance in the tv market

qu1ckset1705d ago

Didn't mean to click the disagree , I totally agree and would of bought one of those is I didn't already buy my new 60" a couple months ago

TheLyonKing1705d ago

I am interested in the concept and i hope they bring it to Europe.

black0o1705d ago

Sony hve to drop vita Tv to the rest of the world ASAP

GdaTyler1705d ago

They will, that's a given. If they don't that is a brain dead decision as it will be a missed opportunity. If you think sales were good in Japan considering it is handheld focused, think about US where almost everybody loves media boxes. Can't wait.

AsimLeonheart1705d ago

Great news. Psvita has been completely rejuvenated in Japan. Now it would be great if the effect carries to the rest of the world. It is sad to see a good product struggle.

Yep1705d ago

This is actually pretty sad, if you're coming from the perspective that this thing was going to sell very well at all.

_QQ_1705d ago

considering the circumstances yeah, its basically a new console and a new console only hit some of those 80k during its launch week?. i guess thats hot cakes though...

PSVita1705d ago

Thing is a lot of people in Japan already own a PSVITA so unless they want to play on their tv(which they prefer mobile) then it's probably not going to sell by the load until they get the PS4.

_QQ_1705d ago

@psvita so the vita tv is going to sell more when the ps4 comes out? that doesn't make sense.

PSVita1704d ago

Ok Ill take it slow for you.

So like the PSvita the VitaTV has remote play, meaning that this little white box is a PS4 in your pocket. Japan is a very mobile country and instead of having to ever take your PS4 anywhere you can just take the PSvita hook it up to your TV and stream anything that's on your PS4(which is at home) to the VitaTV. Get it now?

_QQ_1704d ago

@ psvita, When people say mobile gaming is a hit in japan they don't mean a console you can take anywhere, they mean a console you can take and play anywhere.

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