Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Gets A Brand New Gameplay Video

New 11 minute long gameplay video for Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

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Catoplepas1705d ago (Edited 1705d ago )

Looks terrific. Seriously.

Irishguy951705d ago

Damn shame I hated the first one so much. If I need to know the story for this one I won't be getting it. It looks awesome though.

ipach1705d ago

xiii-2 had a synopsis included that actually made more sense to me than playing xiii. xiii-3 might do the same, though i'd totally recommend trying xiii-2. that game had really solid and enjoyable pacing in my opinion.

KimikoGaming1705d ago

I agree with Ipach. XIII-2 is a fantastic game and is waaaaaaay better than the original XIII. It has the story synopsis of XIII so you don't actually have to play XIII.

1705d ago
chikane1705d ago

funny i been watching the playthough since last night 9pm to be exact.. looks good so far

Lovable1705d ago

omg looks absolutely amazing!!!

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The story is too old to be commented.