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Rev:Our second new console in as many weeks is almost here. Microsoft has had a bumpy ride towards the launch of the Xbox One, but now that it's here, how does it stack up? Is the operating system and live TV a game changer, and does the new Kinect solve the problems of its predecessor? Or is it a box with too many ideas, crumbling under the weight of its ambition?

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Good, fair review! I am loving my xbox one. It fits me perfectly.

True_Samurai1555d ago

How is it? Give me details


What do you want to know?? Its super fast, you keep all of your friends from the old xbox. When you first get it, the update takes almost 10 min

Rimeskeem1554d ago


jesus 10 min!? that hell of a long time

TRD4L1fe1555d ago

be careful, saying the sess is fair will bring the anger of sony fanboys on you

Clarence1555d ago

Really! He's full of it
Why is he using the ps4 dashboard if it's suppose to be Xbox one dashboard
At 7:09 to 7:12 you can clearly see trophy screen as well as resogun and dc universe online. Not to mention you can see Sony music and video icons

Hilarious and I've taken screen shots of this!

Bolts-N-Rays11091555d ago

@Clarence they are showing off that you can plug anything with HDMI out into the XB1, so they showed an example of the PS4 running through the XB1.

GearSkiN1555d ago

Clarence... I'm shaking my head right now on you...

Mr Pumblechook1555d ago (Edited 1555d ago )

What a surprise Adam 'Shill' Sessler loves the Xbox One and thinks it is better than the PS4. He loves the UI but I've just been watching The Verge team use it on the Polygon live broadcast and it doesn't work quite as well as any of the pre-recorded demonstrations. But why doesn't Sessler refer to this?

Parasyte1555d ago

Apparently you didn't pay attention to the review and you are one of these morons on this site that thinks everyone that expresses an opinion different than your own and happens to be in game journalism is a "shill." He clearly pointed out the consoles flaws as well as it's good points.

He also pointed out that the UI doesn't work all that well, and seems a little bit less user friendly than the 360's. He also went on to point out that the Kinect's voice commands are spotty at times.

Overall, he said the console has potential, but it is still to early to tell where this console will end up and whether it will ultimately be a success the way MS wants it to.

Take your fanboy BS and go somewhere else with it!

MonkeyOne1555d ago

These reviewers should just come out and say it:

The next generation will be all about having multiple gaming platforms.

Xbox One, PS4, PC, Tablets, Smartphones, Media Streamers, Laptops ... etc ...

I don't buy this "I can only afford one so I have to choose" BS.

If you can afford to drop $65 on games every month then you can afford both systems. Maybe not at once - but it's not a stretch for most gamers to own both systems by 2015 or 2016.

Einhert1555d ago

If they cant they need a new career path

Glorious god gamers owning all platforms

HammadTheBeast1555d ago

Maybe some people have other things to live for? Not everyone wants to shell out $400-$500 for something with the same purpose as something they have.

Tru_Ray1555d ago

Agreed. Many of us older gamers barely have time to play one console...

Omegasyde1555d ago (Edited 1555d ago )

I will probably pick up an Xbox1 if the price is right and for Halo...

But you have to factor that you are now paying for 2 separate online subscriptions.

Factor that over 5 years, say 50$ a piece and thats 500$.(50+50*5).

It's not about "I can only afford one so I have to choose" it's about where to put that investment towards. If you only have one console, you miss out on some exclusives but you also save 50$ a year which could go towards a game instead.

Also - I have 5 games for Ps4 (killzone, BG4, Madden, Lego Marvel, and Injustice).

Of these 5, only 2 are not on Xbox1. Let's see the big games of 2014 are Titan Fall and Infamous so far(call it a tie). Ok, but history tells me Sony will have more exclusive games (look at 2012-2013 on PS3 vs Xbox360), so I need to decide where to sink my money in 3rd party games. So far, PS4 has the edge. Will the tables change, who knows...

But why put down the 500$ towards an extra console, when I could save my money and put it towards games?
That's roughly 8 games worth.

TLDR: Money towards an additional console can instead go to games. Why pay for two subscription services that do roughly the same thing?

cell9891555d ago

Sessler has lost a lot of credibility as of late, he aint the same

Clarence1555d ago (Edited 1555d ago )

Watch the video at 7:09 through 7:12 it's the PSN dashboard splice into the Xbox 1 screen. You can even see the PSN trophies. He definitely has no credibility.

Sm00thNinja1555d ago

Your ignorance is astounding. It's demonstrating you cand have almost anything playing through the HDMI port, even a PS4 on Xbone. Jeesh you fanboys ease up.

GearSkiN1555d ago

Wow learn some xbox one on one lolololol

GenericNameHere1555d ago

I'm not a part of the Xbone's demographic. Haven't had a cable box since 2009, haven't cared since. Why should I when Netflix and Hulu are so much better and cheaper combined.

One guy from the Polygon Xbone stream (if you want people spouting off lies and nonsense and Playstation hate, go watch it. Otherwise, don't ever give Polygon any clicks.) said the Xbone was meant for people who live in places like Redmont, Washington. Where the rich people with big houses and lots of places for Kinect works are. This guy even went on to say millions of people have these luxurious houses. That old guy just made me quit the stream there. I'm sorry but not everyone is part of the 1% like you.

Not gonna say anything bad about the Xbone, just saying I don't think this huge focus on TV is really bringing me in. For people outside the US, does this focus on TV TV TV do anything for you?

mayberry1555d ago

Very valid points! I live Wasington and your right about the redmond area's demographic. Alot of Microsoft employees live in Redmond as do alot of the Seahawks football team! I haven't had cable in years myself and because of that, I cant justify paying hundreds for the xbone and the ps4. Going with the ps4, extra controller, several games and whatnot. Will be over $1000 just for that! Plus I m a huge Killzone fan, Gran tourismo, God of war, Infamous, Naughty Dog, and cannot wait for "The Last Guardian!
Getting Titanfall for my 360 so for someone in MY demographic, the Xbone will have to wait for a few years.

Clarence1555d ago

@ smooth
I see that thanks for the kind words sir

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