Reality Check - What if the PS4 or Xbox One Fail?

Cam investigates if competition between the PS4 and Xbox One is good for us, the humble consumer.

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fluffydelusions1732d ago

PS4 just broke records for most sold console on day 1 EVER and I'm sure XB1 will also do reasonably well. Doubt either will fail.

kneon1732d ago

but they both need to be profitable. If either console is losing money in 12 to 18 months then don't be surprised if their console business is put up for sale

CocoWolfie1732d ago

yeah! I dont know if you read the article from a analysis stating that ps4 is close to breaking even... already. I just.. 1 millon in 24 hours, what about the next 48 hours, hell what happens when it releases in Europe, what happens when it releases in Japan, what happens when infamous releases. its like come'on!

kneon1731d ago

It's irrelevant how much they make at the start, they need to be profitable on an ongoing basis.

Moncole1732d ago

Each company probably has something they can announce and release in case they are about to ever go bankrupt.

TheEnigma3131731d ago

I don't see the PS4 failing. The xbone will hang in there, but if things get rough for them I see them making a kinectless version; I think that would raise sales.

sprinterboy1731d ago

"what if" you hadn't written a pathetic article