Persona 4: vol 2 in the making apparently

​We last seen a Persona 4 outing in late 2012/early 2013 when Persona 4: Golden was released for the Playstation Vita. Now it seems that there is possibly a new game coming to the series called Persona 4: vol 2.

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Ranma11768d ago

Persona 4 part 2?

Cant wait. Persona 4 had one of the best stories I ever got the chance to experience in any medium (video games, movies or anime)

MegaRay1768d ago

You never played kingdom hearts, I see.
Anyway for a guy who want to get into the series, should I play p1-3? Or is this like final fantasy and tales of?
And correct me if im wrong, I can get 4 and all its sequel and spin-off in the vita?
Thanks in advance

Ranma11768d ago

You wont regret persona 4, its as good as final fantasy 10

Whxian1767d ago (Edited 1767d ago )

you should be able to get most of persona series on vita (p2 had 2 games, but i think we only got one on psn atleast in europe), p3 and 4 have a different story, so you can play either. only difference it would make to play p3 b4 p4 is that you see a location and few non-main characters from p3 in p4, without it relating to the story in any way.

cpayne931767d ago

P3 and P4 are the ones you really want to play. The story in 4 has some references to 3, but nothing major so you can play that one first, it was my first Persona. Oh, and 4 is the best imo, 4th favorite game of all time, but 3 is awesome too.

thehobbyist1767d ago

Persona 3 and 4(Go for 3:FES and 4 Golden) are good but another good way to get into it is to play Persona 4 Arena. It'll help you get into it a little easier I'd think. This is coming from a guy who's bought every release since 2006.

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chestnut11221768d ago

Either a Persona 4 Sequel or Persona 5, Just Let it happen! And I Prefer playing it on the Vita once again.

Whxian1768d ago (Edited 1768d ago )

they should make 5 instead of 4-2. although 4 is good, it did not have the same dark feel that 3 had, so i'd prefer if they made a new persona where they can try something new and hopefully get the same feel as p3 or better. ofc if they are working on 4-2 and 5 at the same time, then i wouldnt mind.

Paul851768d ago

Omg great info I want a vita so I can play 4 golden!

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