Super Mario 3D World - The Wii Us System Seller

VideoGamer:"The Wii U has been in desperate need for a game to win over the masses since day one. In Super Mario 3D World, it has arrived."

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wonderfulmonkeyman1768d ago

I'm not going to hold my breath on 3D world being the Wii U's saving grace when Nintendo's advertisement efforts, though much much better thanks to recent commercials, have started late and still need to be stronger.

Although, I do hope that I'm wrong and that it WILL sell the console much more so than past bundles.
I'm just of the mind that it's going to take more than this single game to make the Wii U sell like the Wii did.

Thank God there's quite a few incredible games, from both Nintendo, third parties, and indies, coming down the pipeline in the first half of 2014 to look forward to; can't wait to get my hands on Bayonetta 2 and Watch Dogs, and X from Monolith Soft is looking like a killer app.

triforce791768d ago (Edited 1768d ago )

Project CARS,Donkeykong,Mariokart8,Wat chdogs,Fast Racing Neo using 8k textures wow,they all hit wiiu from jan to april......

weekev151768d ago (Edited 1768d ago )

Project cars will be holiday season 2014 but I agree with your point. Its a good time to own a WiiU. Im playing through Lego Marvel on coop right now (loving the split screen actually split between 2 screens with 1 on tv and 1 on gamepad) weve had pikmin, windwaker, w101 and Rayman legends in the past few months with just dance, wii fit and wii sports to keep my wife happy and mario on the 29th (im in UK)

Then if you take into consideration I also have a 3DS, Nintendo is taking all my money...but im loving every second of it.

My only disappointment in my WiiU is Sega's missed opportunities with Sonic and mario and sonic at the olympics. Both of these titles have potential to be really fun but poor controls let both down. Thank goodness Nintendo, as usual, are here to save the day.

3-4-51768d ago

SM3DW + LoZ + Mario Kart 8 + Super Smash Brothers will help sell a lot of consoles.

Neonridr1768d ago

If Nintendo had made a Mario 3D World bundle this holiday for like $299, I think sales would have taken off dramatically.

This game will still definitely help move units though. I am thinking the Japanese are going to eat this game up like breakfast.

Concertoine1768d ago

Rember that cherry colored bundle? They had those 2 different colored bundles and a lot of people thought 3d world would go with the "cherry red" bundle.
They might be holding off on it with so many different bundles out.

Neonridr1768d ago

Oh I have no doubt that 3D World will end up in a bundle. I just meant in time for the holidays this would be a killer move by Nintendo.

_QQ_1768d ago

or the colors are for pokemon cherry and mango main entry for wiiu.

dansdooz1768d ago (Edited 1768d ago )

looks much like 3d land on the 3ds it was a good game for about 3hrs, we need the successor to mario 64! now thats a system seller.

Fanboyssuck271768d ago (Edited 1768d ago )

This game is better than Mario 64, this is the best Mario game ever made. This will definitely sell systems.

RPG_Lover1768d ago

dont care how it sells, having fun

mcstorm1768d ago

I agree the Wiiu had a slow start but there are more games I want on the Wiiu than the one and ps4 at this moment in time.

MilkMan1768d ago

Any game by Nintendo can be a system seller, if that game happens to be a game you are interested in. So far most of the games available for it have received great scores. However, great scores do not equate sells. "casual gamers" want shooters. Nintendo has made clear that this is not a genre they cater to.
This puts them at a disadvantage.
and to be clear, when I say casual, I mean hardcore AND casual.

Seems to me that the gaming industry is one big shooter party.
With little to no room for much else. In that regard yeah, Nintendo would look old fashioned and quaint. This is why I never understood what the push for next-gen was. Just a way to make shooters, faster and prettier. Its not like we are getting better, more creative games.

Those few games that are different are far a few and don't make the kind of numbers that pay mortgages.

Nintendo knew exactly the machine it needed to make for its fans. In reality what the market share says to me is, that 10% of the gaming public plays games. Everyone else plays shooters.

Thats alarming.

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