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VideoGamer: "The Xbox One is now an actual thing. But how is it stacking up, and what can you expect when you turn the console on for the first time?"

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tjg591734d ago

They didn't sound too impressed

KingDadXVI1734d ago

They did not want to be impressed either by the tone of the article. They are the first review that has been totally negative toward the actual function of the Kinect.

It takes approximately 30 minutes to and hour of use by each person that will use the Kinect to get the voice recognition adjusted to your voice.

They really didn't want a positive review so they did not give one.

jriquelme_paraguay1734d ago

30 minutes for a console you will use about 7 years? not big deal

Boody-Bandit1734d ago (Edited 1734d ago )

What MS chose to build it's system around, and the thing that drove up the cost of the unit over it's competitor, Kinect.

"If there's one glaring disappointment in the package so far, it's Kinect. Despite having multiple tests, tutorials, and games for you to play to set it up and get used to its commands, it simply wouldn't work consistently for us: often it wouldn't hear, or mis-hear, our commands, no matter which way we said them. And when you can actually get it to work, it's quite laborious to use.

closing thoughts:
Console launches never go exactly to plan: there's always some hiccup (or 12) to contend with. At the moment, the Xbox One isn't blowing us away, but then again, bar Kinect, it's not doing much wrong. It's set itself some high standards, and it's not reaching them at the moment. But then again, that's not to say it won't."

I said MS's E3 presentation, as usual, was staged and most likely being controlled by input buttons behind the curtain (Milo and the Wizard of Oz). I don't doubt that MS will get this UI to run pretty accurately but it will take time to be seamless. How much time though?

I really wish MS wouldn't have made Kinect such an integral part of the XBOX ONE. It would be the same price or maybe even cheaper than the PS4 and possibly have better performance for gaming.

Oh and no one say this is one review, they are bias, blah, blah, blah, Videogamer favored the 360 and I won't be surprised if they end up favoring the X1. Time will tell.

Overall this was a very thorough review of the actual hardware and they were pretty positive about most of the hardware. My gripe is with ALL this emphasis on Kinect, and the fact MS had ALL this time to get it ready, it's still going to take several updates before it's anywhere near how they present it in commercials.

Oagoz1734d ago

Good, truthful review. Straight to the point of telling you what's up.

LightofDarkness1734d ago (Edited 1734d ago )

Of course, the only negative one is the truthful one. How long have you had your Xbox One? Oh, you don't have one? That's funny, because you act as though you know "what's up". Surely you're not just taking this single review as gospel, are you? That would be dishonest and foolhardy. You aren't foolish, are you?

I have no plans to buy one at the moment (that reveal left a longlasting bitter taste for me), but let's drop the fanboyism a little around here, eh?

TenBensons1734d ago

Seemed like a pretty good review tbh and one that centred on the the console itself and not the lack of launch games. Also one of the most plugged features from MS isn't available in the UK as far as I know and that's the TV stuff so I can understand that Kinect not functioning correctly plus lack of TV didn't have the punch that maybe reviewers based in US had. I think the general outlook they had though was that XB1 is promising just not fully realised yet.

To all those picking up an XB1 on Friday it sounds like you have a great bit of tech to look forward to playing with. As for me I have to wait another agonising week for the PS4. Cant wait to make the jump into next gen with the rest of you.

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