EA not keen to make Battlefield an annual franchise

It seems like the danger of annualisation is still far from the Battlefield franchise, at least according to EA's CFO.

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decrypt1700d ago

It would fail hard if that happened. People are exhausted from the FPS genre to begin with.

svoulis1700d ago

I want to agree with you as I personally feel the same way ( also feel that is why Killzone got a 7.5 average score) because it launched next to a few other shooters.

But as much as i feel the same way, and i do play my fair share of FPS games. If you look at what people are buying...its still COD as the most units sold on a system.

Kleptic1699d ago

yep people love to say that; 'shooters are dead'...

yeah right...GTAV, a once every 5 year franchise, is the ONLY title that will top shooters in sales this year...

the sad thing is...shooters are one of the few genres in gaming that remain a safe bet...From a genre standpoint, NPD did that thing early this year showing that shooters make more money most years than every other genre combined...there are potential outliers, again, like GTAV (oddly enough, gta has turned into more of a third person shooter than anything else)...but one fact remains; shooters are the reigning king of gaming from a popularity standpoint...

minimur121699d ago

Well to be honest I'm not surprised there, if it really took them 3 years to make the game, and come up with a 4 hour campaign imagine how long it'll be if they have 9 months to make it!

NateCole1699d ago

It's going to take a while for FPS to die down. A host of young gamers were exposed last gen and will continue to play them this gen

3-4-51699d ago

Will Rotate with Star Wars Battlefront

DeadlyFire1699d ago (Edited 1699d ago )

If not on yearly rotation then what does EA have to compete with Call of Duty in 2014? As Star Wars Battlefront is coming in 2015 or so it has been said. I was expecting a full functioning Battlefield 214x series game in 2014 honestly. Unless they have some secret game under wraps. I have heard nothing of Dead Space 4, or Army of Two 4 yet. According to EA BC3 won't happen until after Mirror's Edge 2. Must be something else in the works then. EA can't go without a shooter for 2014 against CoD could they?

MidnytRain1699d ago

What are you talking about? FPSs are among the highest selling games every year...

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Dragonborn3121700d ago

That is good news. I prefer a product that has a proper development cycle instead of one that is rushed to the market.

Adexus1700d ago

Ironically that's what happened to BF4 anyway! :(

RumbleFish1700d ago

Come on, people. Don't disagree! Aeon is right. The game is not polished. The campaign is buggy and the MP has even more problems at the moment. Not that they are not working on the game, but they had the same problems with the beta and did not manage to get it right for release.

The game is great, but not finished. Those who preordered and bought at release, are beta testers right now. This includes me and I am on the bright side of that experience. I have only few crashes and the sound bug.

shivvy241699d ago

@aeon, I agree man, a game like this shoud have had 3 years, or they could get other guys to come in and do the SP

csreynolds1700d ago (Edited 1700d ago )

Good. Great. I am quite content with the notion of buying a BF game every two/three years. I would rather have a good product that embraces innovation and new tech than one that simply rehashes essentially the same experience each year.

Yes, I'm looking at you Call of Duty.

shivvy241699d ago

well call of duty actually has 2 teams each having 2 years dev time, I get what u mean lol

RedDevils1699d ago

lol that 2 years development look like a 6 months...

csreynolds1694d ago

True, but despite the two team alternation the feeling of "I've been here/done this before" is extremely profound. Plus, the studios have been known to corroborate on their titles, so in essence it's a two developer, one team situation.

However you look at it, a CoD game EVERY year is starting to get a bit stale. Christ, they're still working from the old Quake engine where other companies are upgrading or replacing theirs. I got tired of Ghosts after a week - sure, new maps, 'new' guns, new class system... same feeling, same issues.

SlapHappyJesus1700d ago

Their original plan was to switch between Medal of Honor and Battlefield.
With that obviously not being the case, at least at the moment, I wonder if they have something new under wraps at the moment.

Kleptic1699d ago

its not under wraps...its TitanFall...its very likely that BF and Titanfall will start to be staggered annually once this gen gets going...Titanfall 2014, BF5/BC3 2015, TF2 2016, etc...

minimur121699d ago

just like Ubisoft said with Watch_Dogs and AC :)

Majin-vegeta1699d ago

No its BF,TF and Battlefront rinse and repeat -_-/.

Alexious1699d ago

Not to mention that DICE is still beginning development on Star Wars: Battlefront which will likely be fairly similar to BF.

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