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Steam now 65 million users strong

Valve's Steam service for PC distribution and sales has over 65 million users playing its over 3,000 games, the company announced this afternoon. That's a 30 percent increase (15 million accounts) over the last 12 months -- not too shabby! -- putting the service's userbase well above that of Microsoft's Xbox Live (which has 48 million, according to MS). Not quite the 110 million that belong to Sony's PlayStation Network, but not too shabby. (PC, Steam)

reynod  +   591d ago
Good job Valve and congrats on the 65 Million figure.

What i find spectacular this is all on a single platform. Plus it doesnt reset like in the case of the consoles. Where PS4 and XBone will need to make a user base from zero.

Steam numbers keep growing, PC probably will be a strong contender next gen. Specially since Sony and MS are now so much behind Steam with their new consoles.

I personally have 3 friends who went PC gaming with Steam this gen and ended up purchasing many games. All of us will be buying the next gen consoles, however this will be once the consoles actually have good exclusives. For multiplat games we shall be sticking with the PC.
jimbobwahey  +   590d ago
Steam is a great service that's incredibly consumer friendly, it's no surprise to see more and more people flocking to it, especially as more and more online stores such as Humble Bundle offer up redeemable Steam keys in their sales.

I'm really excited to see where the service is in a few years time, it just keeps growing in strength. Hopefully EA stop trying to push their crappy Origin service and release their games on Valve's store once more as well.
decrypt  +   590d ago
Well Steam now has 65 Million users. Both the new consoles start from scratch. I would say Steam holds a considerable advantage over any next gen console.

Specially considering, there is no divide in the Steam user base. Someone buying a new PC today can easily play a game like CS with someone sporting a 10 year old PC. Try making a PS4 user play with a PS3 user it wont work. This is where PC gaming really excels, games are much cheaper, people get to build a library without having to worry about BC and the community stands united over generations.
UltimateMaster  +   589d ago
Wasn't it 65 million a few months ago?
GentlemenRUs  +   590d ago
Steam and Sony - Knowing what the gamer wants ever since the 90's/Y2K!
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khyu7777  +   590d ago
PS3 80 million sold
x360 80 million sold
wii 100 million sold
PSP 80 million sold
DS 150 million sold

so every console has more users than steam. interesting
jimbobwahey  +   590d ago
PC hundreds of billions sold

Pandamobile  +   590d ago
That's 65 million active users.

Plus Steam only accounts for like 70% of the digital PC market, so...
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jeffgoldwin  +   590d ago
Fyi PSP and DS are handhelds, not consoles.

To compare apples to apples, you need to compare psn and live accounts to steam accounts. Pretty irrelevant to compare hardware sales to a software base.
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Corpser  +   590d ago
Yeah "Sold" , plenty of people are on their second or third ps3 or 360. There are no 80 million active ps3 or 360 users
Lior  +   590d ago
JasonKCK  +   590d ago
Console manufacturers can only dream of having Steam's subscribers. BTW there are literally billions of PC's

2 billion next year http://technorati.com/techn... and they predict 30 billion by 2020 http://www.net-security.org...

PC hit the billion mark in 2008. http://www.engadget.com/200...
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SoulSercher620  +   590d ago
That was a dumb way of looking at it.
kratoz1209  +   590d ago
Thats awesome to hear
steve30x  +   590d ago
No Way. PC Gaming is dying right? After all a lot of console gamers are claiming Rockstar wont bring GTA V to PC because there isn't enough PC gamers or they blame Piracy (As if piracy isn't ripe on consoles too)

(Dont get your panties in a twist. I was kidding)

After all a lot of console gamers are claiming Rockstar wont bring GTA V to PC because there isn't enough PC gamers or they blame Piracy (As if piracy isn't ripe on consoles too)
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decrypt  +   590d ago
PC now holds a significant advantage over next gen consoles as there is no base.

GTA 5 being delayed on PC was console maker money. This cant last not with the way PC base has an advantage now. Plus Steam isnt even all of PC gaming, I think PC gaming has made an amazing come back and in the next gen it will be very difficult for console makers to buy out titles like that and sway developers away from PC gaming.
hiredhelp  +   590d ago
Not devs not putting pc first its the publishers CEO's get your head out your asses this is 2013 where pc has always been a growing platform a platform to creat games programed to run on consoles. Fedup some companys given us the middle finger well i hope this next gen fix that.
No more bad ports no more delays.
As for piracey its a battleground out there on many platforms.
SONY Not soo easy
Yes PC

Im also apart of steam well done Valve bringing us huge libary breaking our pockets..
Also Uplayer and origins player and next year i will own PS4 once its grown abit.(more exclusives)
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The_Truth_24_7  +   590d ago
Sony, still the King.
btk  +   590d ago
Difference will be that Steam should have full backward compatibility every time you upgrade your PC. Steam on consoles will be great.

XBox One's multiple OS approach will cost a bit of performance - but if there is a next gen will most likely give *full* compatibility as it is just a virtual machine. Should be interesting to see if Sony will do the same.
Saryk  +   590d ago
I want to see the Steam Machine and see how it fares. They better do some advertising though!
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