Voice Command delayed for Xbox One in some countries

With the launch of the Xbox One in 2 days there were already limitations on the amount of countries that would be receiving the Xbox One. Now Microsoft are telling Ireland, Australia and New Zealand that they will NOT have voice command, at least not yet anyway.

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jay21705d ago

Lol! Seen a few reviews and videos, doesn't suprise me.

OlgerO1705d ago

This is why PS4 is going to win worldwide. xbox one for people with perfect english

KetchupBlood1705d ago

Americans don't have perfect English either. As you may have noticed, it says "English" and not "American" as they don't have a language of their own.

Well they have their own version now...

xjatsx1705d ago

Iz it cause of the accents lol

ragequitcast1705d ago

They did not state why, but we are guessing that yes it is because of accents. Which is strange considering that in Australia, NZ and Ireland the accents are sometimes clearer than that of some accents in England.

Grown Folks Talk1705d ago

Didn't they tell us this months ago?

iamnsuperman1705d ago (Edited 1705d ago )

Agree I thought we knew this months ago. There was a big thing about it (around the same time that the TV guide features/navigations would only be available in the US at launch) .

Belking1705d ago

Like we didn't this In other news Gaikai is delayed in all countries.

Kayant1705d ago

*In progress* never announced as coming for launch.

hello121705d ago

Microsoft should be notifying people much sooner than this, a week before launch is not acceptable.

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