Xbox One reviews: The Assessment

Polygon (and others) have reviewed the Xbox One with another beautifully crafted HTML5 tech demo of a page. And they reviewed it with a higher overall rating than the PS4. Herein is a bit of a rant about this - and what the two approaches to the consoles have been so far with each manufacturer.

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ChrisW1770d ago (Edited 1770d ago )

What aftermath? There is no 'aftermath' yet!!!

projectmayhem1770d ago

I was more referring to the process of what's happened since the reviews have come out - rather than the consoles. Though for this submission I've removed that reference (but not in the original post) :)

Grave1769d ago

Lolz at trying to use Polygon as a source.

shammgod1769d ago (Edited 1769d ago )

Starting their article with "Polygon..." Is probably not the best lure folks these days.

GusBricker1769d ago

Reviewing a review?

The fuck?


VoiceMale1769d ago (Edited 1769d ago )

Lol That was funny....

i have never seen a review of a review before in my life this is hard to top.........

wait unless somebody does a review of his review of polygon's review