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ArcadeSushi: In the end, Burial at Sea – Episode One is only a passable experience due to its length and the amount of content found within. With that said, it still has me wanting to play the next few episodes of DLC immediately. And, at the very least, it reunited me with some old friends, like Booker and Liz, as well as some even older enemies. Is it short and sweet? Yeah. Is it worth the price of admission? I say, “Yes. Would you kindly go and download it?” But you’re a man (or woman), so you know that you’re able to choose, rather than obey.

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Rhezin1552d ago

I enjoyed it for the setting before the fall of rapture. But I just wish there was more new plasmids. I mean Old Man Winter is great, but we've had that one before in the first Bioshock. Needs to be an earth-based plasmid.