Is Sony Afraid to Lose Nintendo as A Competitor

As a majority of us are aware the next generation of gamin has just begone.With the release of the PlayStation 4 & Xbox One, all three main console corporations in the gaming industry have now released their new generation of gaming consoles. Although the Wii- U had major hype surrounding it when it was released, sales have not measured up to Nintendo’s expectations. This is partially due to the lack of games on the Wii-U. The lack of games for the Wii-U is caused by the lack of faith by developers in the system, not because of the hardware but rather the sales margin. Why produce games for a device that is not selling.

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Thatguy-3101731d ago

Sony and Nintendo are Gaming as a whole. If any of them left the gaming industry the industry as a whole will be affected and wouldn't be the same. Sony is the Ying to Nintendo Yang lol

theBAWSE1731d ago

get rid of Microsoft bring Sega back

sony/Nintendo /Sega... gaming heaven

PCGamingNoobs1730d ago

if only it was that simple!! that would be amazing.

nick3091730d ago

They can bring themselves in... They just dont find consoles good to sell... Probably cuz of dc failure

CEOSteveBallmer1730d ago

Yup i agree and i also said that a year back, replace MS with sega and we will have an excellent gaming competition. If only its possible. But hey the xbox division is separate from the windows division, so if xbox division is not doing good, chances are MS might stop it and focus on its nokia and windows business.

ABizzel11730d ago

The article is looking at it from two extremes, "is Sony saying they need Nintendo, or Sony doesn't consider them as a threat."

I think Yoshida's is simply saying, Nintendo and Sony are competitors trying to sell a gaming console, but they have two very different audiences.

Nintendo introduces gaming to new gamers especially young children, and Sony believes that Nintendo are the ones who can combat mobile gaming for kids. After those kids grow up, Sony and the PlayStaion brand are the next logical evolution for the child gamer turned teen / adult.

Nintendo molds, Sony matures. Push and Pull, Ying and Yang, two parts of a whole, wise words :D

kingPoS1730d ago

I think I a had dream about that once.

Black ops operatives from Sega had mind controlled Micrsoft executives into selling a controlling share for pennies. Then Sega rebranded MS from within, thus Sega was reborn.

I'm never falling asleep playing Sonic Adventure ever again! lol

Gateway MT6706 2008

mabreu1730d ago

The gaming industry is very competitive. We have Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo, Steam, Apple, Andriod, etc. But losing one of these competitors is bad for all of us. I'm not a big fan of Nintendo but I was a big fan of Sega. I know that feeling when Sega dropped out of the hardware race, it's not good.

Magicite1730d ago

couldnt have said better myself!

Inception1730d ago

Agreed! Bring back SEGA and it will be the Triforce of gaming heaven!

user55757081730d ago


idk if sega will make a console again although with atlus then exclusive i would instantly buy it

they most realistic thing i could see is microsofts exit and valve's entrance

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Neonridr1730d ago

Well said. I am glad someone sees the reality that without Nintendo, the gaming world wouldn't be the same.

ajkula1730d ago

exactly! sadly SEGA is gone as a manufacturer...
it's just a shadow now~
there should be another brand, but the market would get even weakier.

ZodTheRipper1730d ago

Did anyone ever say something else?
I'm just saying for about 2 years now that it wouldn't be a big loss if Microsoft left the industry ...they are the only ones not contributing to it but rather damaging it with timed exclusive deals and strange policies.

N4g_null1730d ago

Some one said above that sony matures? Nintendo does mold... yet sony only seems to distract which is why they need nintendo to stay alive.

the problem is sony doesn't choose to make real games, they have a new casual movie gaming fanbase. Sony has no real platformers, board games, adventure games, rpgs, their only arcade game is god of war. Sony is in the limbo between pc gaming and console gaming.

im pretty sure nintendo doesn't need sony in the industry, just look atthe 3ds....

I dont really like ms ethier but at least they are trying to compete with the k2.

Eyeco1730d ago (Edited 1730d ago )

Scissor Runner Sony does have "real" platformers, they do have RPG's, they do have adventure games,and what on earth do mean by arcade games ?

Nintendo does need Sony, Microsoft and vice versa, because competition drives the industry, and it benefits the gamers as a whole the Sega Geenesis vs the SNES is a perfect example.

If Nintendo was the only home console manufacture, god forbid we would still be gaming on cartridges, Online would be near life less,3rd parties would still be getting screwed over, less innovation, and the industry wouldn't be anywhere near lucrative for new graduates.

We need all 3 because an industry based on a single system market is apathetically detrimental to the industry itself. I applaud all 3 consoles and will purchase all 3 because they both excel in their merits.

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evilkillerk1730d ago

then whats microsoft. I think of it more as an odd love triangle.

WeAreLegion1730d ago

Microsoft is Sony's douchey roommate who steals the remote when Nintendo comes over to hang out.

pacosanchez881730d ago

*gamer daydream* all three collaborate on the next system, sony brings the hardware and first party studios, nintendo gives miyamoto anything he needs, since thats what nintendoes. and microsoft programs the UI and background features, WITHOUT trying to sneak in DRM round 2.

Ranma11730d ago (Edited 1730d ago )

when it was sony and nintendo during ps1 and n64 era we got more jrpgs.

so i wouldnt mind if its just them again

EXVirtual1730d ago

Agreed. JRPGs are my favourite genre. We're getting awesome ones this gen, but even more would be nice.

EXVirtual1730d ago (Edited 1730d ago )

Even Yoshida thinks Nintendo should stay. And I agree with him and you.
As someone who is planning to purchase a PS4 and Wii U and someone who purchased a PS3 and a Wii, I think that both companies make good competition for each other. Nintendo and Sony are essential to the industry.
I look forward to playing the hell out of my PS4 and my Wii U.
Now... where's Sega? I hope they return for the 9th gen and I hope Sony and Nintendo continue (guaranteed basically). Hell, I'd be open to Nintendo and Sony teaming up. PS5 (or some mixture of PlayStation and Nintendo) with kickass specs and the first party exclusives of Nintendo and Sony. Nintendo handheld with Nintendo exclusives and loads of 3rd party games.

nutcase131730d ago

True, also competition drives innovation, if nintendo were to be "lost" Sony and Microsoft could monopolise which would lead to lower quality, higher prices.

Thank God for economics lessons :)

maddskull1730d ago

and nintendo should make some 3rd party titles that would help them in their sales

KwietStorm1730d ago

How exactly does Nintendo make a third party game?

BullyMangler1730d ago

lol sony and microsoft competing toward Nintendo while Nintendo does their own thing and still remains on the throne.

so funny

pacosanchez881730d ago

porcelain throne? i love nintendo but the wii u is a big misstep

PSjesus1730d ago

For the sake of gamers in general not just SONY and N,touch based devices don't just put hardcore gaming in danger but many talented developers esp in Japan who worked for SquareEnix,Capcom or SEGA left to make small games for IOS or Android it's less riskier and more profitable

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feraldrgn1730d ago

Yoshida already mentioned in an interview that they need Nintendo in the industry.

Blackdeath_6631730d ago

they really do, nintendo's library of games is a hit with the Japanese market if they left both sony and nintendo fear they will loose out to mobile devices and i fear we will no longer get any more awesome J-rpg's

WeAreLegion1730d ago

NO gamer wants to lose Nintendo. I can't imagine people like Kaz, Jack, or Shuhei...who respect Nintendo and enjoy their games...would want to see Nintendo out of this industry.

ajkula1730d ago

they really made a bad move and gave their queen and towers away with the wiiU, hopefully they recover and step up the gaming's way!
It was arrogant tho to believe non "gamer" customers would jump in and follow to the wiiU, they are the same customers that buy one monopoly and dont need the new one right away!
or for some, baught an appart bicycle and stop using it after a few months...
the wii had its "HYPE" period, they should've saved to reenter the race along sony/M$ right next sales drop'd...
good luck tho, sincerely

WeAreLegion1730d ago

Exactly! That's the biggest thing many people forget about the Wii. The casual audience, while massive, is fickle. They don't have brand loyalty in any of the industries they care nothing for.

ajkula1730d ago

they care for 'good names' or 'famous brands', that works also as "someone told me this is great, it's everyone's favorite, i gotta get it!"

Chrono1730d ago

You kidding me? The only reason Wii sold well was because of the sports and yoga games that appealed to non-gamers.

Misaka_x_Touma1730d ago

one person doesn't want Nintendo around

GordonKnight1730d ago (Edited 1730d ago )

I got the Wii for the Mario and Zelda games, then late in the Wii life Xenoblades. These games are why people hate on Nintendo, because they want to play them, but are too cheap to buy two consoles.

Boom Blocks is a lot of funny with friends & family. IMO The Wii appeals to both casual and True Hardcore gamers. What I like most about Nintendo are the games that bring the whole family together. That can't be done online with one console.

princejb1341730d ago

I think song and Nintendo should just join forces. There both Japanese companies after all.

Minato-Namikaze1730d ago

Sony on the consoles, Nintendo doing the handheld. Its a perfect match I yell ya.

ajkula1730d ago (Edited 1730d ago )

i cant agree on that, respectfully, i loved the first gameboy to the point i still have one, but anything from ds wasn't my cup of tea...
while the the vita is sweet to my liking.

...and i mean black&white gameboy!~

ajkula1730d ago

i cant agree on that, respectfully, i loved the first gameboy to the point i still have one, but anything from ds wasn't my cup of tea...
while the the vita is sweet to my liking.

McScroggz1730d ago

Nintendo may be awesome at handheld's, but I LOVE my Vita :D

HighResHero1730d ago (Edited 1730d ago )

In a sense they've already joined forces since their coexistence is good for the gaming industry.

SniperControl1730d ago (Edited 1730d ago )

Where do you think the PS1 came from, back in the late 80's Nintendo tasked Sony to build a CD add-on for a new console or the SNES, unfortunately that working relationship went pear shaped, Sony, from what it had learned from working with Nintendo, decided to release a console, that's how the PS1 was born.

OT: I would love for Sega to come back in, first ever launch console i bought with my own savings.

maddskull1730d ago

i hope so tht sony and nintendo work together it would be the greatest cororation of all time

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