1 Million PS4’s Sold and BLOD Issue is Overblown and Explained

The PS4 has had the most successful launch in video game console history, and as with many electronics failures occur.

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GarrusVakarian1767d ago

The problems are but a drop in the ocean.

S2Killinit1767d ago

true. It seems that microsoft is hard at work, paying off negative reviews and biased, critical articles to try and put a damper on Sony's launch. They did this with Apple only a couple of months ago when they literally made a commercial about how much Apple iphone 5 sucks. They got a real blow back from that though. So the negative press is nothing new when it comes to microsoft's protocol.

SegaGamer1767d ago (Edited 1767d ago )

They didn't need to pay anyone. Microsoft fanboys were probably planning to leave bad reviews since day 1. The same will happen with the Xbox One from Sony fanboys.

GrandTheftZamboni1767d ago

It could be both. One doesn't exclude another.

Belking1767d ago

If it happened then it's not overblown. heter sony admits it or not, some ps4 are failing.

calis1767d ago

Logic isn't your strong point is it.

It is overblown if very few people are having issues yet "journalists" are acting like everyone is suffering.

Lowsnamebrand1767d ago

If the problem is only effecting less than 1% of people and every gaming site is posting multiple reports of it but stating (for the most part) the same story regurgitated then yes it is getting overblown, use logic.