Wii U Turns One: The Disappointments

rustyshell: With Wii U turning one this week, here’s a look at the biggest disappointments in the machine’s first year.

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Yep1642d ago

Lol who does that? Celebrates a birthday by recapping on the biggest disappointments?

Haha, damn.

Ol_G1642d ago

i wanted to say the same thing why would you wanna do that for the 9999th time

MajorJackHoff1641d ago

"And then Jack crapped in his pants in front of the entire class! Hahaha needless to say, his girlfriend dumped him and he got kicked out of school."

.....This birthday isn't as happy as you guys claimed it was going to be.


best comment on N4G to date.


Yep1641d ago

Lol excellent comment.

RAFFwaff1642d ago

who approves this fucking shit? Mario Bros U sold well enough with 'sub par visuals'; the o.s. loading times were never a huge issue for early adopters (drought of games was our biggest gripe); rayman legends delay was a huge mistake by UBISOFT, not nintendo. A lot of wii u owners such as myself said screw ubi, and bought the excellent Pikmin 3 and The Wonderful 101 instead. And as for Rayman Legends being undeniably a great game with wonderful vibrant graphics, well Nintendo is taking them back to school with game of the year contender Super Mario 3d World. Let me guess whats gonna be in your '10 things wii U got right': "By having an underpowered console, they helped Sony and Ms...." Utter tripe article. Troll like a man, not a weasel.

stragomccloud1641d ago

Seems a pretty fair assertion to me.

Starbucks_Fan1641d ago

LOL. The Wii U is about to get one of the best games this year and people still think the Wii U is s***

Parapraxis1641d ago

Great game, the console itself is still pretty crap.

Infamous2981641d ago

Nintendo, please fire iwata.

colonel1791641d ago (Edited 1641d ago )

He is a great guy, but I agree! It seems like even though he is optimistic, he is not doing Nintendo any good. Also, Reggie is not as good as he seems to be. The marketing for the Wii U has been horrible, and he is the guy approving everything.

Nintendo really needs a fresh start with their executives and bring people that care about the games, but also about having great, cutting-edge technology.

Ravenor1641d ago

PLAY THE GAME! (reference to his E3 2013 presentation if you missed it, it's pretty priceless)

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The story is too old to be commented.