Xbox One Kinect Can Detect Six Players, PS4 Camera Offers Similar Functionality

Prior to the launch of the original Kinect for Xbox 360 Electronic Theatre revealed that the device would only work with two players at any one time. The news was met with great criticism, and so Microsoft has been keen to rectify the issue this time around. Ubisoft, as one of the key supporters of the Xbox One’s Kinect HD at launch, has confirmed that the device is able to detect up to six players at once from day one.

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BBBirdistheWord1767d ago

but then you turn off the lights and the pseye does not detect anyone, while kinect functions perfectly.

dat next gen.

kneon1766d ago

While it certainly won't work in the dark it's been working fine for me in some pretty dim lighting.

But I'm already over it, it's just faster to press a button.

CynicalKelly1766d ago (Edited 1766d ago )

"It's just faster to press a button"

I disagree. Especially when one voice command can do a lot more than what one button can do.

Disagree all you want people, it's fact, not opinion. I can jump from game to game or directly to content while buttons require you to quit out of things and go looking for it.

kneon1766d ago


I'm pretty sure voice commands work equally well whether or not the light are on :)

But we weren't talking about voice commands.

CynicalKelly1766d ago

I wasn't talking about the efficiency of voice commands regarding well lit or dark rooms. You said it's faster to press a button and I respectfully disagree.

Unless I have picked you up wrong and that isn't what you meant.

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GamersRulz1766d ago

seems like Kinect can't recognize sh*t, look at IGN video.

MRMagoo1231766d ago

Its about 60/40 whether it works or not lol the voice recog is pretty bad imo, i would get frustrated and throw it back in the box it came from.

FITgamer1766d ago

Yeah i watched it too, not only that, but it was accidentally triggered a few times during gameplay going to other menus.

ZeroX98761766d ago

Voice recognition have been on PC for years and the reason why it never was that much popular is because it doesn't work that great.

But we gotta keep trying to make it better than it was before, so one day it's reliable at 100% (or near perfection)

DeadManIV1766d ago

Dat 720p upscaled next gen. I could care less about Kinect or the PS camera

christocolus1766d ago


Lol....dude you are funny....lmao

C-H-E-F1766d ago

I played 2k in the dark with my brother, switched controllers and it adjusted perfectly (ps4) sooo uh idk what you're talking about bird boy, (Disagree & troll). Also the Playstation camera brightens in dark areas you would've known that if you played it or did some research. It brightens so much that it appears to be late in the afternoon(ish) even in pitch black enviornments... so blah blah blah... stop speaking on stuff you know nothing on kiddo.


nasnas761766d ago

While the PS Camera has a low F stop to pick up low light situations, Kinect 2 has active IR which picks up things in complete darkness. Though being able to see in low light is good, it's definitely not as great as complete darkness. Not saying the Camera isn't great still. But it just doesn't hold a candle over Kinect 2's software and hardware.

Go about 1:00 mark:

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BallsEye1766d ago (Edited 1766d ago )

Similar? PS4 cam is just a small addition, Kinect is a big part of the system. You can't compare these two devices, it's a different class. Heck, ps4 cam is 720p and doesn't have IR blaster. PS4 cam = Kinect 1.0 without Kinect software (which is a powerful and complete code)

Games that support* Kinect 2.

Assassin's Creed 4
Battlefield 4
Cod Ghost
Crimson Dragon
Dead Rising 3
Fable Legends
Forza 5
Killer Instinct
Madden NFL 25
NBA 2k14
Need For Speed Rivals
Peggle 2
PvZ Garden Warfare
Project Spark
Ryse: Son of Rome
Sunset Overdrive
The Witcher 3: wild Hunt
Zoo Tycoon
Kinect Sports Rivals
The Fighter Within
Zumba Fitness: World Party
Xbox Fitness
Just Dance 2014
Fantasia Music Evolved

Announced Playstation Camera Games:

Just Dance

neocores1766d ago (Edited 1766d ago )

Lol Wow goodjob fanboying lol anyways I rather have a 1080p graphics That Next gen
EDIT ps4 does not need IR as polygon lied about it lol good look it up :D

BX811766d ago

Umm ok then they are both on the same level, but the kinect is better?

ezop1766d ago

why does XB1 not support 1080p graphics ??

JokesOnYou1766d ago (Edited 1766d ago )

ezop Forza 5 says it blows past DriveClub sitting in the garage trying to get to 1080p @60fps.

Pintheshadows1763d ago (Edited 1763d ago )

Even retrospectively Jokesonyou's comments manage to make me laugh.

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Thegamer411766d ago

So now 720p is better than 1080p? When it comes to comparing cameras it makes a difference but not games right... So much contradictions from fanboys.

neocores1766d ago

I know everyone like Graphics dont matter all of a sudden lol... So then let play all the games in 480 and call it next gen..... REALLY grow the fuck up and before i get called a fanboy im getting both but bashing a system for no reason gets me mad.

pompombrum1766d ago

How many of those titles are actually fully utilizing kinect though and not just some voice command gimmick? Seeing how voice command recognition is seemingly iffy (going by videos) I'd find repeating statements to be counter-productive to immersing myself in a game.

Kayant1766d ago

More than half most likely that are few that use it ways not done with kinect 1.0 like BF4 with head tracking, DR3 with background noises but it still/wouldn't be enough to ever convince me on motion gaming replacing my controller personally.

nasnas761766d ago

Most are subtle uses. Tilt your head to peak around the corner. Push the joystick forward to get rid of zombies attacking you. It's pretty much additional subtle touches, the small things, that can make games more immersive; no different on how a vibrating controller used to be when it was new technology and now it's common practice.

scott1821766d ago (Edited 1766d ago )

What Kinect games are as fun as playstation move games? it's all about fun right? The move is more fun...

BX811766d ago

Haven't tried it yet but I'm gonna say bf4.

GamersRulz1766d ago (Edited 1766d ago )

I'm really sorry that those called "Next gen features" are eating 10% of GPU power of an already weak GPU. that's why most Xbone games are stuck in 720p-900p range.

XboxFun1766d ago

I love it!

"Who cares all we need is 1080P!"

Remember when PC fanboys were called elitist because they kept shoving 1080p in everyone's face? You sony fanboys were the first to cry 1080p didn't matter as you named dropped Uncharted in the same breath.

Now look at the hypocrisy!

So far your 1080p games are ranging in mediocrity(Killzone) to full on buggy, glitch mess(CoD, BF4).

Have fun playing resolutions.

GamersRulz1766d ago

we are not playing resolutions, we are playing vastly better multiplat, remember 360 days? the gap is even bigger next gen.

christocolus1766d ago (Edited 1766d ago )


Vastly superior? Really? Show me one ps4 title at launch which looks better than ryse? just keep fanboyism aside and try to be logical for once...where is this vast difference currently? Even dice and iw have stated that in many cases it was difficult to tell these multiplat games apart when running side by side...this is nothing like the difference between bayonetta on xbx 360 and ps3..on ps3 the game looked terrible, bad aa, texture pop ups , sound would skip and the game would almost drop to 0 fps during gameplay...that you could call vastly superior...not whats hapening now. A difference in resolution will most likely be the worst that could happen next gen(and with time that could change too)..the gameplay of these multiplat games will most likely always remain same on both consoles.

MRMagoo1231766d ago


The gap between the ps4 and the xbone is massive completely massive compared to the 360 and ps3, its not just a bit bigger, all multiplats will perform and look better on the PS4.

FITgamer1766d ago

@christocolus Ryse does look good, but according to the guys at IGN NBA 2K14 is the best looking launch game on either console.

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Dasteru1766d ago (Edited 1766d ago )

Kinect 1.0 - 640x480 @ 30fps, FOV 57.5
Kinect 2.0 - 1920x1080 @ 30fps, FOV 70
PS4 Eye - 1280x800x2 Dual Camera (3D) @ 60fps, FOV 85

Each lens in the PS4 Eye camera may be only 1280x800 but there are 2 of them, they also run at double the frame rate of the Kinect 2.0 and the FOV is much higher. Kinect 1.0 isn't even remotely close.

nasnas761766d ago (Edited 1766d ago )

Have you seen videos of them next to each other. You still need a larger room to use the PS Eye. You can play fairly close to the Kinect and still be able to see more of you compared to the same distance with the PS Eye.

Having 2 cameras isn't the same thing as having twice the resolution. It only gives the software better calculations to perceive depth of objects, NOT make objects twice the resolution.

Besides the case, the software for Kinect is superior over PS Eye. How many reviews do we see raving over the Eye during launch? Maybe it's not because its bad, but nobody supports it.

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AnteCash1766d ago

No one cares about cameras, it will end up like all cameras ever, useless.

MegaRay1766d ago

Agrees both sucks, but atleast Sony dont force us to buy one

BX811766d ago

Snarf, snarf a company made me buy their product.... Man up sugar plum. If you can't justify to your self, spending the money then don't buy it. Next time mean ol Microsoft makes you pay for something you let me know. No one is gonna bully my MegaRay.

ezop1766d ago

MS hasn't forced you to buy one, it just simply comes with the console no one is saying you have to plug it in, XB1 will still work

Unreal011766d ago (Edited 1766d ago )

But Microsoft has forced you to buy one, you've just said it.

Belking1766d ago (Edited 1766d ago )

We have proof kinect actually does detect six players. We haven't seen the ps4 camera do much of anything. Its time for sony to stat showing something.

"Seeing how Sony's console is breaking sales records without their super duper awesome camera trump card"

Record sales isnt the only thing being

Thegamer411766d ago

Why would Sony have to show something? The console and camera can be purchased, go try it for yourself.

pompombrum1766d ago (Edited 1766d ago )

Seeing how Sony's console is breaking sales records without their super duper awesome camera trump card that all of a sudden has become extremely important to gaming consoles, I can't wait to see to what mythical heights they'll be able to take their console when they fully support it.


Hicken1766d ago

I just can't figure out how you haven't been banned yet.

Have you even seen a PS4 before. Do you even know who makes it? As delusion as you are, I sometimes wonder if you need to reconfirm who you are on a regular basis, that you're not some made-up character in a fantasy world all inside your head.

FITgamer1766d ago

What use is there to kinect detecting six players?

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candoa1766d ago

I'm tire of people talking about resolution and completely ignore other factors. for example any game can be 1080p 60fps that's the easy part game like indie games, knack, stardust and plenty more are all 1080p 60fps, so by that logic the wiiu is the most graphically impressive console because it has the most 1080p 60fps. The problem is when you have content and processing power, and high number of polygon in a game all at once, that's when 1080p 60fps becomes a bitch to get.

Not one game this whole gen have more details, and polygon count as Ryse for that reason alone to me is the most technically impressive game.

In conclusion 1080p 60fps should not be a reason a games should be classified whether it looks good or not, because there a lot more factor in that equation only a total idiot with no technical knowledge thinks that way. ill take uncharted 3 720p graphics at 30fps, over WipeoutHD at 1080p 60fps, because unlike dumb fanboys I know there is a lot more than pixel count when it comes to graphics. good day and keep the battle of resolution continue lol.

Thegamer411766d ago

What you said is true, but what you and others alike don't understand is the fact that multiplatform games are 720p on one console and 1080p on the other.
We are not talking about an exclusive that picked a particular art style and had to sacrifice resolution/fps, they are the exact game that performs/looks better on one console.

Gamer6661766d ago

Just like last gen when there were frame rate issues with many PS3 games at the start of the generation. But somehow that improved as the generation progressed.

For people to come to conclusions that one console is superior over another based on a few launch games being different in resolution is absurd. As seen last gen the PS3 started far inferior to X360 on framerates, but improved and surpassed as the gen progressed. I am not say X1 will pass PS4, but we simply don't know today whether it will or will not.

You look at a game like Ryse which is not 1080p and it has been quoted several times as the most graphically beautiful game so far this gen. So, 1080p is not everything.

As for framerate. The human eye is at about 10-12 frames per second processing... So while there is a difference between 30 and 60 frames per second, it will be negligible to the human eye.

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