What happens when you plug PS4 into Xbox One?

Leadbetter: "OK, we admit it, we were hoping for both next-gen consoles to melt down and explode in a massive logic paradox when we first tested this out, but the reality turned out to be predictably mundane: the Xbox One works just fine when the PlayStation 4 is connected up to its HDMI input, and in turn, Sony's new console has no qualms whatsoever about being interfaced with its new console rival."

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Agent11558d ago

Am I going to be the only one that thinks this is Freakin Awesome???

grailly1558d ago

it would be really cool if it wasn't for the lag. but having the features and friend lists of both consoles on the same screen is really cool, maybe just a bit confusing.

abzdine1558d ago

this is how to play games in 1080p on x1.
no offense

FarEastOrient1558d ago

I don't waste money on cable tv, this is exactly how I'm going to set up one of my screens.

ajkula1558d ago

then you mean it's cool to have several long cables running your room to different plugs in the walls, not mentioning the cost each months...
up to you!

ajkula1558d ago

those who disagree, please do so then plug both consoles, tv and everything else on one single multi-connector!!!! ;)
...just remember i like my meat well done~

first1NFANTRY1558d ago (Edited 1558d ago )

Now the real question is will the X1 output 1080p resolution when playing KZ?

Ezz20131558d ago

lol same thing that come to my mind

Bathyj1558d ago (Edited 1558d ago )

I guess it must output at whatever the input resolution is. But does it only have one input? If you wanted a PS4 and a cable box or some other device youd have to keep switching right?

Anyway, youd try this just to see it but you would really play like this because of latency, according to the video.

hay1558d ago (Edited 1558d ago )

Xbox One should have a pass-through HDMI, therefore it would be the original signal. Xbox is not rendering PS4 games, just passes the signal to HDMI out, with around 1ms delay.
If not, then we're dealing with bigger delay, which would make faster games rather unplayable.

Insomnia_841558d ago

The real quiestion is, Is it necessary to connect your PS4 or any other device to the XBone? Seems more like a waste of electricity to me. Completely unnecessary to connect a console to another console to play said console.

If there is one device completely unnecessary to play the others in the livingroom, that's the XBone.

ChrisW1558d ago

While your rationalization seems spot on, you REALLY fail at seeming sincere about it.

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sigfredod1558d ago

why would you like to play KZ with lag, instead of perfect?

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RiPPn1558d ago (Edited 1558d ago )

Too much lag, see the ign video of when they did this with the Wii U, it's virtually unplayable. Also the HDMI In on the bone doesn't pass through surround sound so only stereo sound which is unbelievable.

Here's the IGN video:

From Kotaku about the surround sound issue:

"The units we've been testing mess with the audio that comes from the cable box, and are currently only able to output surround sound if you dig into the menus and tick off a "Surround Sound (BETA)" option. Otherwise, it downmixes your cable's 5.1 surround to stereo. My boss Stephen Totilo likes to watch pro wrestling, and when he does, he likes to watch it in surround sound. (The better to hear the taunts and the body-slams, I guess.) But if he runs his cable box through his Xbox One, the audio comes through in mere stereo. Microsoft assures us that a non-beta option for surround audio throughput is coming, but it won't be there at launch."

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