Cnet- Xbox One Review: The Game Console That Would Rule Your Living Room (But Shouldn't Quite Yet)

Cnet- The Xbox One feels a bit scatterbrained in its interface and presentation. To core gamers it might come off as a lot of unwanted fluff. On the other hand, the casual audience may be asking themselves why they needed to spend $500 when a $100 (or even $80) Roku might serve just as well for entertainment apps.

Where Sony positioned the PS4 as the "gamer's console," Microsoft felt customers would be better served with a console that wears many hats. Thankfully it can still play games with brilliant visuals, but it lands short of its ambitious all-in-one hubris.

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Insomnia_841764d ago (Edited 1764d ago )

Yup! Once again! The PLAYSTATION 4 is the ONE to get!!

Remove the tv/cable/kinect gimmicks part from "The Good" and you are left with this:

"The Good: Most games present noticeably improved graphics over those on the Xbox 360. The One has a slightly better roster of exclusive launch games compared with the PS4's."

Pretty much a slightly upgraded Xbox 360 for $500.

Microsoft should advertise this in the TV sections in stores, not the gaming section.

thrust1764d ago (Edited 1764d ago )

People want the stuff you have taken out so by that logic the xbox one is the one to get!

your trying to hard mate!

you also say the xbox one with out that stuff is just an upgraded xbox 360, so by that logic because the ps4 does not have this stuff you are saying that the ps4 is just an upgraded ps3!

Insomnia_841764d ago (Edited 1764d ago )

No mate! That's not what people want when they are introduced to a GAMING CONSOLE, reason why everone went like "WTF IS THIS?" when they first announced the XBored. Do you remember? Just in case here is a quick look, I'm pretty sure most have seen this one but looks like you haven't. ..

LMAO it never gets old!!

osprey191764d ago

@insomnia. What's with the fanboyism? Grow up, xbox will be great, so will the ps4.

BBBirdistheWord1764d ago (Edited 1764d ago )

@ insomnia

wait. for real?

Did you really just say 'XBored;?
It's no wonder gamers consider the ps4 fanboys on n4g to be a joke.

Well done.
Thanks for confirming the myth.

georgeenoob1764d ago (Edited 1764d ago )


You want to be introduced to a GAMING console? Then go by the console with the most exclusives, should I even mention which one that is.

The sad part is he's getting more agrees, what a joke this site is.

Insomnia_841764d ago


No fanboyism, just having my share of fun like you all XBone fanboys did last week with the release of the PS4. It's all games and fun, a grown-up wouldn't take it so personal so chill. And no, the XBone won't be great, it will be OK at least in the US where everyone is controlled by the media/tv. It tells them what to like, what to love, what to wear, what to hate. It will be OK but not great.


I cannot believe you are actually beimg serious with your statement as it is clear to everyone (well, not you) that Sony has an unmatched exclusive line of studios pumping out even two exclusive games at a time.

georgeeNOOB indeed! Get your facts together nooby boy!

VENOMACR12271764d ago


PS fanboys at there greatest yet again. You want to talk about a slightly upgraded system? Look at the PS4. What new innovations did the PS4 bring that the PS3 doesn't? Upgraded hardware and a new controller. WOW! The PS4 is a glorified PS3 that has more power, but that's about it.

You complain that the X1 does tv, kinect, etc etc. Tell me, when's the last time you bought a cell phone JUST to make phone calls? You probably have a smart phone which does 20+ things besides make phone calls. So what's wrong with a video game system that does more then just gaming? PC's are used for multiple applications and I don't see you or anyone else complaining. It's people like you who give PS fans a bad name.

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christocolus1764d ago (Edited 1764d ago )

[email protected] upgraded 360..lmao..dude try harder...Are you tired of playing your ps4 already? You've got kz and knack and yes resogun cant be done with all those 1080p games so soon now can you? the way all those gimmicks you listed are some of the many reasons my pals and i are getting the xbx one first...and halo5 and xbx live too...

creeping judas1764d ago

I can't imagine how any of them are having any time to post on N4G, I though they would all be enjoying their gaming machine. But yet all the trolls who claim to have a PS4 are trolling even harder after the release of the PS4. I think some peoples mommies didn't get them a PS4, and now they are sad, so they have nothing left for them but to troll N4G.

VENOMACR12271764d ago

It's probably because their system is bricked or wobbling off the desk from all that power, so all they have is N4G now.

XxGOWxX1764d ago

Why does one have to be "better" than the other anyway?

I find that one will be "better suited" for each individual. But one just isnt better than the other overall. It really comes down to what YOU want out of the device.

True_Samurai1764d ago

Lmao Ps Fanboy damage control

bigboirock1764d ago

WOW! The PS4 is a glorified PS3 that has more power, but that's about it

ive been saying that for awhile now

but both systems will be great

ImG2theB1764d ago

Not even, the PS4 can only do half of the things the PS3 can do.

gamer20131764d ago (Edited 1764d ago )

You left out XBL which has been the gold standard for online console gaming ever since the original Xbox; the core reason why people would choose Xbox over PlayStation.

Volkama1764d ago

Don't understand the point you are trying to get across Insomnia. You're saying it's all about the games, and then highlighting that games are what the One has right now.

You are not putting forward a persuasive (or even coherent) argument.

mrpsychoticstalker1764d ago

The guy is upset his ps4 is bricked.

BattleTorn1764d ago (Edited 1764d ago )

Your console of choice can be the greatest all day long, but your comments leave you looking like an fool.

You run into Xbox One articles to post about how awesome the PS4 is - it's the definition of butthurt.

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BigShotSmoov0071764d ago (Edited 1764d ago )

Too bad the PS4 doesn't have the game lineup to warrant a purchase at launch. Plus, they give the PS4 the same review score so how is the PLAYSTATION the one to get?

LeCreuset1764d ago

Yet, somehow the PS4 is moving more units and games than Xbox. Oh, wait. You're one of those people placing more weight in the opinions of a small fraction of the gaming public (reviewers) than you are in the more numerous opinions of the wider gaming audience, aren't you?

BigShotSmoov0071764d ago (Edited 1764d ago )

Well it's kinda easy to move more units than a console thats not even out yet, don't you think?

I'm placing more weight on the opinions of reviewers than the gaming public? Really? Both consoles will be sold out when launched and it will be hard pressed to find either consoles during the holidays so believe me, it's not just the, "small fraction" of people as you put it that will be buying the XBO, everyone will be buying it that is why you couldn't preorder anymore for months.

LeCreuset1764d ago

1) To your original point, the PS4 is out, and obviously it does have the game lineup to warrant a purchase at launch. In fact, it has the game lineup to warrant record sales at launch.

2)Xbox isn't out yet, but there are these things known as pre-orders which give a pretty good indication (especially for launch consoles which will be hard to come by without one) of how sales are going to go.

3) You're right, one of those systems isn't out yet. So how are you going to try to bash PS4's titles as a negative in comparison to Xbox when, as you say, Xbox isn't even out yet?

4) Did I say a small fraction of people will be buying an Xbox? No. If you're going to quote, learn to do it right. I put this word "reviewers" right in helpful little parenthesis for you right after "small fraction of the gaming public" so that you would have no doubt whom I was referring to when talking about the minority opinions that you are relying on.

BigShotSmoov0071764d ago (Edited 1764d ago )

Okay lets break down every point you just outlined here.

Yeah the PS4 has the support of third party companies to boost their launch lineup just like MS but their first party launch lineup pales in comparsion to what MS has at launch, we all know that no matter how you slice it.

Yeah the preorder numbers are more for Sony and they have sold out all their units at launch but like I said, so did MS. They haven't made as many consoles at launch as Sony has so for you to say a, "small fraction" of people are perferring XBO rather than the majority of people perfer PS4 is just bananas but I'll get back to that comment you made in a minute.

You say how can I bash Sony's launch lineup and comparing it to XBO when that's not even out yet, it's easy actually. We know the launch lineups to both consoles thus we can compare the both of them. Sony has 2 exclusive titles you can buy in the store Knack & Killzone and neither one is really eye popping must haves and a few indie and FTP titles, which I have some of those FTP titles already on my PC for months now so there's no reason to get a PS4 for me now.

And lastly, you must not have read back to yourself what you wrote, I quoted your words, "small fraction" as you're referring me being in the small minority of people that will be buying a console because of reviewers and thats simply not the cause. I large amount of people will buy it and I for one will not be buying any console based on anyones review other than my own. So don't assume anything about a person cause typically when you do that, you make yourself look like an ____ I'll let you fill in that blank.

bigboirock1764d ago

In fact, it has the game lineup to warrant record sales at launch.

they already predicting xbox one will break the record this friday and then might loose it the week after

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Drekken1764d ago

KZ:SF, Resogun, Warframe, BF4, and NBA2k is enough to warrant a purchase from me and keep me busy for a while.

Review scores mean jack chit.

princejb1341764d ago

Isn't cnet owned by Microsoft
I would expect them to have given it a perfect score lol

mafiahajeri1764d ago

My problem with the xbox one is primarily the games. Considering MS's track record with the 360 exclusive support ends later in the consoles life cycle.

That and the lack of first party studios, which forced MS to try and bag exclusive DLC last gen to make up for the lack of exclusives.

When it comes down to which console I want to buy its the amount and quality of exclusive games on a console, and Sony has this in spades...

SSM new game
GG's new game
MM's new game
Sony bends new game
the order 1886
Sony online with Planetside/DCUO/everquest

Im sure I missed a few but when you compoare it to MS there is no comaprison...

first1NFANTRY1764d ago

absolutely no comparison. anyone who claims otherwise has not played Sony exclusives. they have the most GOTY last gen for a reason.

LoveOfTheGame1764d ago

List out every GOTY from each of the three consoles, then come back and look less like an idiot for spewing misinformation.

first1NFANTRY1764d ago

google is your friend mate

colonel1791764d ago

I think people is focusing on launch games a lot, where in reality, what counts it's what's coming in the lifecycle of the console. In my opinion, Sony is better prepared to deliver more and better games than Microsoft. Maybe Microsoft will have some surprises down the road (which they might even be third party), but in general Sony wins. Also, Publishers and Developers always go for the console that sells more, so whichever console sells better, will definitely have better support from third parties, even for small details like resolution, exclusive content, etc.

gamer20131764d ago

Xb1 won more awards for exclusive games than Sony at E3 - fact.

mafiahajeri1764d ago

Say that in the next few e3's then we can talk.

Blackdeath_6631764d ago

so the UI people have been praising like some sort of magnificent innovation is terrible after all, saw it coming a mile away

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