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GR-UK writes:

"We like: The quietness of the console and its design. Fantastic and mostly intuitive UI. Quick and easy switch between Apps.

We dislike: Console takes up a lot of space, heat from top means it needs a lot of room to breath. We won't know for sure until the Game Marketplace fills up, but it doesn't look like there'll be great visibility for indies as there's no indie-specific tab."

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thrust1767d ago (Edited 1767d ago )

Indies, hahahaha i want proper games!

dr 3,forza and ryse!

i have my phone and iPad for indies while travelling.

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PS4isKing_821767d ago ShowReplies(3)
FlunkinMonkey1767d ago

Titanfall is an 'Indy', do you no consider that a 'proper game'? Naughty Dog used to be an independent studio, do you not think indies are good for gamings future?

Your fickle mind doesn't consider these things, huh?

Volkama1767d ago

Lack of indie tab isn't a downer for visibility of Indie games. They had an indie section on the 360 and nobody went there. Indie devs complained it was impossible to get noticed, and MS have reacted to that.

Lack of indie tab is an opportunity for indies. It means the good ones can fight their corner in the real market place.

Mike134nl1767d ago

On the indie part, Microsoft mentioned that they would treat all games in the same manner, by not seperating the marketplace or something

Denethor_II1767d ago

"The controller also eats through batteries. The Duracell AAs that came with the console lasted for a couple of days of heavy use, but since then the Panasonic batteries that we replaced them with have had to be replaced daily. Of course there's a Play and Charge kit that you'll be able to buy, or you could use rechargeable batteries. It's also worth noting that we discovered you can use a USB to Mini-USB cable and play wired, if you've got a cable long enough and don't mind being permanently tethered to your new console."

Why didn't they just do what Sony have been doing since the PS3?

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mcstorm1767d ago

Nice to see the Sony fan boys are enjoying there new console and not on N4G saying how bad they think the xbox one is.... o wait no there here. Come on grow up and go and tell the PS4 posts how good your PS4 is rather than saying how bad you think the one is yet you don't have one.

Cant wait to get my xbox one with forza 5 and have my fingers crossed it will be here tomorrow as it has now been shipped.