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EGM: Tearing away jadedness.

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izumo_lee1734d ago

This is one of the most creative reviews I've seen in such a while. Kudos to Eric for coming up with such a neat concept in your review.

Just like the game you are describing it was a breath of fresh air. And judging by the review a sequel would be most welcome.

So far in the reviews Tearaway is an emotional journey & a game every Vita owner needs to have in their library. It's Media Molecule you just can't go wrong.

SlapHappyJesus1733d ago

Seems Vita really has a hit on its hands.

Inception1733d ago (Edited 1733d ago )

Hopefully Tearaway will have a good sales. Because i don't want to see new IP with fresh & creative gameplay, such as Puppeteer (and this), got crap sales meanwhile i saw tons of people still sticking their money to crappy-yearly-copy&paste games like CoD Ghost :(

Btw, good review and i like the presentation too :)

eferreira1733d ago

damn now i'll have this, zelda 3ds and the xl system and mario