Tearaway Review | Edge

Edge: Gosh, we’re sorry. Something’s rotten in the state of Valleyfold and it’s all our fault. Mischievous creatures called Scraps have infested this papercraft land, spilling out of a hole in the sun and running amok, terrorising the inhabitants. This tear in the solar fabric leads to another dimension, the Scraps charging forth from the void in between, and the culprit’s up there in the screen’s top corner, smiling curiously down at the paper people below. It’s us, our face captured by Vita’s front camera. We dispatch the first of many Scraps by jabbing our fingers at the rear touch panel, a polygonal digit bursting from the ground and knocking our enemies into the air, the fabric of our jeans just visible around its edges. It’s taken almost two years, but someone’s made convincing use of Vita’s swollen featureset. Naturally, it’s Media Molecule.

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