World of Warcraft 9th Anniversary Video – For Those Exciting World First Kills

A Chinese WoW fan named CoBeT celebrated the World of Warcraft 9th anniversary by making a video featuring the footage of almost all previous world first kills by the best guilds in the world, like Nihilum, Star, Paragon, Method, etc and the clips of all trailers of the last 5 WoW expansions.

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Snookies121771d ago (Edited 1771d ago )

My brother was realm first maxed fishing two expansions in a row. Always thought that was neat. I remember when Cataclysm came out, and I was messaging him to go check out new areas at the midnight launch. He kept saying he couldn't go anywhere because he was fishing... Lol, good stuff... Good stuff...

I just wish WoW didn't have such an awful community. It's the players that made me quit after 7 years of playing. That, and the fact that the game changed to being stats as the only relevant factor in instances/raids. Back in the day you had to have knowledge of what you were doing, these days if you're two points below what is expected you're thrown out of the group. Even though most of those same people who kicked you out don't know common acronyms that have been around for years, or don't even know how to play their role as a tank, healer, DPS, etc.